What is self-care exactly?

December 8, 2018Rabea

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Self-care is a term that is used a lot and while we all kinda know what it is there is a bit more to it that we can learn about. There are different layers to self-care and that’s why I wanted to talk about the big question “What is self-care exactly?”

Physical self-care

The self-care most of us associate with the word “self-care” is physical self-care. This could be working out, eating healthier, having a good skincare routine or even sleeping in a healthier way. I have a whole blogpost about why a good mattress is a part of self-care that you can read up on if you want. A lot of physical self-care activities are habits that we should develop like doing the bit of extra hair care or prepping meals for the week. This is what you think about if you plan a “Life Admin Day”.


Mental self-care

Another form of self-care that a lot of people don’t really see as something different is mental self-care. Mental self-care are things like journaling, reading, meditating and learning something new. A lot of these things are in my self-care for self-love blog post and should be a priority for everyone that is stressed a lot or has mental health issues. If you need a recommendation for a good book to start I published a blog post with my 3 favorite books last week and if you want to learn more about why journaling is good for you, you should check out the blog post I wrote about that.


Self-care for the soul

This is the part that almost all of us forget most of the time. We concentrate on our mind and body but not our soul. A bit part of self-care should be for the soul. Do things that make you happy, be creative, meet up with people, start a project you always wanted to do and make yourself a happier person with your actions. It’s looked over way too much but this is the part of self-care that makes you a happier person combined with either of the other two parts. What you do needs to come from the heart and should develop your intuition.

I hope this answers the question “What is self-care exactly?” with the most important layers. I’m currently working on a whole eBook with all the knowledge, tips, plans and recipes I have. It will likely be launching in the first quarter of 2019. If you want to be updated on that you should become a part of my newsletter squad.

While we are talking about it: I created a “30 days of self-care challenge” that you can participate in. There is a free printable for the challenge in my resource library. To access the freebie you just need to sign up for my newsletter and you’ll get the information to access it. Two in one: Printable and eBook updates. Become a part of the Squad here:


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What is self-care

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