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August 15, 2018Rabea

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Sleep is a big problem for a lot of people in the 21st century. Sleep problems can be caused by body dysfunctions, mental illness or just a high amount of stress. For all of these things I will recommend a doctor if my tips don’t help a lot. Let´s start with my tips on how to sleep better.

Neck Pillows and Leg Pillows

I know almost nobody that sleeps on pillows that are good for your neck and back. The conventional pillows put your head to high or too low. I would recommend a neck pillow if you have a lot of tension in your neck and get headaches a lot. A leg pillow is something at least the side sleepers should have to even out their back. I personally still need to buy a good one but I can tell you that it will be great for everyone that is sitting a lot throughout the day since it relaxes your lower back.

Have a set sleep and wake up time

This is hard for a lot of people under 30. We are young and especially if you are a creative person you either create until after midnight or you take in all the information of either social media or videos and binge watch a lot of things. This is obviously not good at all and you should make your body used to sleeping at a set point of the day and waking up at a set point in the morning. I struggle with that one the most as a 19-year-old but can’t deny that it helps a lot.

Relaxing evening routine

Calming down in the evening is an essential. Especially for people who work a stressful job throughout the day and think too much about work. You need to create a ritual for the evenings that is calming. I recommend reading and journaling in the evening and meditation is also a good idea for the extra stressed people out there. Sometimes I paint something, sometimes I do a bit of yoga. Go with your inner feeling when it comes to that but make it a habit to do it every night.

Good mattress

You won´t sleep well if your mattress isn´t the right one. Your back needs to be aligned in the healthiest way possible and a mattress that’s too hard or too soft won´t give you that. There are two ways to buy a mattress that fits for you. You either go to a store and test all of them or you buy one online with a technology that works for a big amount of people. Buying online is also cheaper and you get more extra stuff. I personally can recommend nectar mattresses and pillows. They are cheaper than most mattresses, are made to reduce back problems and they are perfect for people with allergies. You should look into it if you are searching for new mattresses or even just pillows and sheets.

essential oils

Sleep problems or not: Essential oils help with a lot of different things and make your room smell good at all times. For stress, anxiety and relaxation in general you should try out a few drops of lavender in an essential oil diffuser. I use mine very sporadically but when I use it, it works wonders for my mood and relaxation. It’s also great for self-care days to I think the investment is definitely I would recommend to all of you.

The right eating cycle

Food can affect the state of your body. I think we all know that and learned that the hard way. Everybody is different and I personally need a long time to digest my dinner. This makes my body stay in a state of being very active and it’s hard to sleep like that. If you digest dinner slowly too you should either eat earlier or do a workout session between eating and sleeping. Having set times for eating is healthy in general and a lot better for your system in general. It’s not only what you it but also when you eat it.

These were my most important tips on how to sleep better. I hope it can help some of you how it helped me back when I had more sleep problems. If you want to read more about my self-care ideas for mental health you should check out the post HERE.

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How to sleep better

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  • karim

    September 20, 2018 at 3:21 pm

    Helpful tips, one more I would like to add is exercise, having an exercise routine through the week can be really helpful to boost the quality of sleep.

    1. Rabea

      September 20, 2018 at 7:01 pm

      That´s a good one! How could I forget that, it´s so helpful 🙂

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