Self care without spending money

October 8, 2022Rabea

In today’s media self care is made to look like you have to pay to get a solution. That’s not only not true, but actually quite harmful towards both young and vulnerable people that don’t know that messaging any differently. Here are some ideas for self care without spending money.

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Of course, I’m gonna mention this one first. Meditation has the biggest impact for the smallest amount of time. You invest 10 minutes and you get at least a couple hours of a more relaxed mind. Meditation has also been researched to reduce issues connected to trauma, as well as improving your hormonal household. If you wanna learn more about all the cool things that meditation can do for you, you can read THIS post.

Journaling for healing

There isn’t just one way to journal, there are dozens. You can obviously write a journal in diary style which will definitely help you figure out some of your problems and patterns. The journaling that I mean here is different though. I mean prompt-based journaling that targets the spots that make you realize faster what in your life and mindset needs a change for your life to improve. I’ll link a free download with 90 of those journaling prompts at the end of the blog post.

Drawing for fun

Did you know that drawing and painting induces a flow state? That flow state is very similar to meditation and can be great in alleviating stress and negative thoughts. It’s the best when you let yourself draw without an expectation of it having to look good. That is a skill to work on in its own right. If you are a perfectionist about small things like that, you can spend your self care time healing that in tiny steps.

Reading your unread books

I don’t know about you, but I have about 20 books on my TBR list that are on my Google Drive. I love blocking myself off from social media and reading a chapter whenever my brain lets me. I find that having my books on my phone has made me read way more, because it’s easier to access and in the same place my brain already associates with distractions. Still need to finish those three physical books left on my list, oops.

Learn a new skill with Youtube

Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn or get better at? Invest some of your self care time into doing it without pressure. It could be anything from making jewelry, over embroidery, to making candles. I spend my most bored freetime with watching tutorials for beatboxing at the moment. Actually a really cool thing to do for all the anxious brains out there, since it’s basically self-stimulation (commonly practiced by neurodivergent and anxious people).

Cooking healthy

I know cooking healthy is a privilege if you don’t have the time or money for buying healthy food and cooking. But if you have the means to do it, you should get into doing it more. It’s a form of self-love in my opinion. You’re giving your body something it needs and put time and work into it. Not to mention how positive the effects of this are longterm.

Working Out

I had to say it, because it would be weird not to. Movement is always free, you just have to find something you like to do and reduce the friction between you and doing it. In my case I try to go on as many walks as I can every week. The easiest way for me to do that is by doing it in the morning and not pushing myself for a long walk if I’m not feeling like it. The smallest efforts compound to a positive impact.

Those were some ideas for self care without spending money. I promised you 90 journaling prompts earlier in the blog posts. You can get them by becoming a part of the newsletter squad. That will also give you access to many more free downloads and discounts to my digital products.

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Self care without spending money

Self care without spending money by Rabea

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