Why a good mattress is a part of self-care

November 17, 2018Rabea

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We ignore the importance of a good mattress a lot. It’s more than just a comfortable place to sleep. It also is an essential part of self-care and here is why a good mattress is a part of self-care.

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enough sleep is important

Number one priority in life should be your health and number one health priority should be enough sleep. A good mattress can improve your sleep quality and length a lot. I think I don’t need to tell you the benefits of having a good night of sleep since you probably know how productive it makes you. It also is a super important factor in your mental health since you balance a lot of stress with sleep.


less back pain

The right mattress helps you align your back in a healthy way while you sleep and helps relax the muscles around it. Having the wrong mattress can give you back pain and headaches. I personally think the mattresses from nectar are doing a great job at aligning your back. You should really check them out if you think about buying a better mattress. Check them out HERE.


a lot of self-care activities are in the bed

A significant amount of self-care happens in your bed. I personally meditate before I even get out of my bed in the morning. Journaling in the evening is also more relaxing in my bed and watching a series on my iPad after a productive day is also something I do in my bed. Having the right mattress helps you with being comfortable. Sometimes mattresses are just too hard or too soft and that’s not good in the long run.


This is why a good mattress is a part of self-care. It’s more important than you think. Check out nectar if you need a new mattress or want to learn more about it and sign up for my newsletter to get more self-care related content right into your inbox:


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Why a good mattress is a part of self-care

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