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October 13, 2018Rabea

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Living healthy is so easy but at the same time such a struggle for a lot of us. That’s why I wanted to make a little guide on how to live a healthier life for you. The magic word for all of these is “habits”. Make them habits bit by bit and you are good to go. You don’t need to do every healthy thing at the same time.

Be more mindful

Mindfulness is something that´s overlooked a lot when it come to health. It makes so much sense to work with your brain first before going to your body. Meditation, journaling and generally knowing yourself better is always a good way to make habits click faster. I made a whole blog post on how to be more mindful in your daily life that you should read if you want to get your mind game straight again.

Workout frequently

That’s the thing you need to work on the most. Find something that’s fun for you and not something that society wants to see you do. You might like yoga, you also might like weight training or have an obsession with dancing. Find one thing and then try to make a plan on how many times per week you want to do it and stick to it. Sticking to a plan like this gets easier when you give yourself reminders and little rewards with every little milestone.

Count your carbs, fats & protein

Of course you shouldn’t do this for the rest of your life (the chances of developing an eating disorder would be way too high). I track my calories and everything surrounding my food for 1-2 weeks at a time every few months to see how I eat and if it’s helping me reach my goals of either losing weight, staying the same weight or putting on weight. I personally tend to eat absolutely not enough protein based food and that’s what I learned from tracking the things I eat here and there.

Eat less products with added sugar

I think it’s not new to you that sugar is bad for all of us. We should only take in around 50g sugar per day and that’s the amount that´s in your basic breakfast most of the time. Eating less processed food should help you to bring your sugar intake down. I personally only drink water and no coffee or soft drinks and drink smoothies instead of a snack based on chocolate. It will never be easy to have a low sugar intake but trying to keep it low is definitely a goal you should have.

Cut out as much meat, milk and soda as possible

You can hate on vegetarians and vegans all you want. Their diet is based on a lot of true facts. For most people meat can be the reason their physical problems don´t go away. Milk can make you break out depending on how much you consume and soda is self-explanatory. I personally don’t eat meat at all but suggest to at least cut red meat out unless you really need it for medical reasons (and then please buy higher quality). I also drink plant-based milk to cut down on that but still enjoy cheese. Cut down where you can and it will make a difference. Believe me (or look it up).

Eat 1-3 fruits or vegetables per day

That’s something a ton of people forget, especially in my generation. Since it´s so easy to make food a fast thing we forget to actually eat a banana, tomato or salad as a part of our daily routine. Try to eat at least one fruit or vegetable per day and then scale up to 2 or 3 per day. It makes a big difference and is so much better for you than chips or chocolate. Depending on where you live you can even let it be delivered to your door like my mother and I do it almost weekly. Makes it much easier to concentrate on a healthier lifestyle.

This was my little guide on how to live a healthier life for you. There are tons of other lifestyle changes that can make you a healthier and better person. Feel free to share another habit like that with me in the comments.
If you need a bit more balance before you start to change your life habit by habit you can participate in my self-care challenge for free to regain your balance. Sign up for my newsletter to get your free challenge printable here:

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How to live a healthier life

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