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November 3, 2018Rabea

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Intuition is such an important skill to train if you want to get to know yourself better. It’s incredibly powerful for your mental health and that’s why I made a little guide to develop your intuition.

Listen to the first feeling you have in a situation

We tend to overthink every decision we make instead of listening to the first inner feeling we get about something. Most of the time it’s the right decision your gut is telling you to choose. Teaching yourself to listen to that gut feeling is the first thing you should introduce into your life to develop your intuition.

Acknowledge feelings instead of pushing them away

You probably push your feelings away a lot when you don’t want to deal with them. It’s important to acknowledge them and accept that they are there. You don’t always need to cry your feelings out to deal with them, just accepting that you have them and letting them go can help a lot. For some people working out helps them to get their bad emotions out of their systems.

Meditate regularly to understand your thoughts

Listening to yourself, your thoughts and your body gets significantly easier when you meditate on a regular basis. Meditation blocks out a lot of unnecessary things in your life and makes way for your brain to acknowledge the main problems. It also lowers your stress hormones and your sleep quality will get significantly better which will help you to tackle your daily life with more intuition.

Write down your thoughts and feelings

Writing down your feelings and thoughts at the end of every day clears your system at the end of the day, helps you acknowledge feelings and most importantly gives you the ability to reflect on yourself. It will also help you to see your process over the weeks and months and how you react to life situations. While you are at it you should also try to make a gratitude list every day. I made a whole blog post on how to build a positive mindset that you should check out.

Go out of your comfort zone frequently

This is the hardest but most rewarding part of developing your intuition. If you are always in your comfort zone you won’t find out more about yourself. Make a list with little and big things you want to do and go out and do one thing on that list every week. That’s a rule I personally try to live by to better my mental health and intuition.

Learn to trust yourself

It’s fairly hard to learn to trust yourself and your gut feeling all the time. The other things in this blog post will definitely help you to get to this point but it can take months and years to fully trust yourself in everything you do and you will doubt yourself from time to time. At the end of the day we are all just human.

This was my guide to develop your intuition and what I personally did over the last years. If you have tips for others feel free to leave them in the comments. If you need a bit of motivation you should check out my freebie library for motivational printable cards. All you need to do to access the freebie library is to sign up for my newsletter for free:

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Guide to develop your intuition

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