30 day self care challenge

September 26, 2018Rabea

In the last few months there has been a big imbalance in the life of a lot of people, me included, and that’s why I wanted to create something that brings all of you back on track. A 30 day self-care challenge.

I will give you the prompts for the first seven days in this blog post and you can get the full 30 day self-care challenge printable in my resource library.

Day 1 – Set yourself goals and steps to take next

Having a plan is always important. If you walk through your life without goals or the next steps to go in sight you will always feel a bit off. Write down your goals and what you can do for them this week and this month.

Day 2 – Put time into your skin care today

Skin care is something a lot of people forget in their daily lives and I am also guilty of that. Use all of the products you have in the right order and put on a face mask suited to your current skin problems.

Day 3 – Make a happy playlist

Music affects our mood constantly and listening to slow and sad music can have a big impact on us. Create a playlist that promotes a good mood with fast and happy songs on it. I personally have one on Spotify that you can check out HERE.

Day 4 – Draw something

We all kinda love doing it but we never make time for it…drawing. It doesn’t matter if you are good or bad at art, it’s a great way to calm down and concentrate on something. It’s a bit like meditation and has similar effects on you.

Day 5 – Go for a long walk or a hike

Nature heals us all. Going for a walk and connecting with your inner calmness is a great way to calm down after a long day or start a new day fresh and grounded. It doesn’t need to be a super fancy hike, you could just walk a bit through the fields near your city.

Day 6 – Read a book from your “to read” list

If you are like me you have a “to read” list somewhere and you probably have one of those books lying around. Start reading the first chapter and make notes if it’s a book you can learn from. Here is a list of my favorite self-help books.

Day 7 – Try out a new workout

Working out is something we all dislike or procrastinate but there is almost nothing better you can do for your body. Maybe your love for working out isn’t there because you just didn’t find a type of workout you like. Try something new today.

Do you want to see all the other 23 self-care prompts and commit to this challenge to turn your life around. Let’s find balance together! Sign up for my newsletter by clicking the graphic below and get the full mini-ebook with all prompts and more tips:

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