Rabea Rayowag

Rabea // 24 // Artist of Life

Hi! I’m Rabea, 24 years old and I’m pretty much what you get when you put creativity, honesty, resilience and anxiety into one body. I’ve been dealing with and recovering from anxiety disorder for the better part of my life, and while that sounds negative it absolutely isn’t. I feel like I learn a lot of things others don’t learn and I decided to put my creativity and this knowledge into one project: This blog. I don’t only share my self care tips on here, I also give tools in my freebie library on personal development, to plan a better future for yourself. I strongly believe that everyone has the potential to get better and grow. Especially mentally. And the exciting thing is that I won’t stop growing and learning things, so I’ll probably always have new things to share with you, to save you from those stressful days where everything seems pointless or those ruts in life that feel like an endless spiral. Been there, done that, will probably get there again, life’s a rollercoaster. But that rollercoaster is less scary if you have things to hold onto when the carrier drops.

I also believe that everyone has a passion they should follow and that’s why I share creativity tips and my learnings about blogging and business on this blog. Especially in my generation, people want to break out of a system that makes us feel like it betrayed us. And if I can help you by telling you the weird mistakes I made with this blog and other things? Then I will do that. In fact, I already have. You should really check out this blog post about all the things I did wrong with this blog. It’s almost hilarious how much is on that list.

But why don’t we just start with a little reset?
If you found to this blog, you were probably searching for advice and tools. And my ultimate go-to post I’ve ever created is my “How to get your life together” post. No matter why you came to my blog in the first place, this is something that is relevant to everyone. You know what is even BETTER? I worked on something that goes far beyond that post. A workbook that you can fill out. The “How to get your life together”-Workbook Guide. It has a ton of advice and worksheets to fill out that will help you analyze your current situation and set goals for the future (and gives tips on how to reach those goals).
You can order it HERE and sign up for the “personal development plan” freebie HERE to get a little glimpse of what will be in the full guide.

For cooperations on blog posts, videos & more: Here is my media kit (Jan 2021) & my contact page.

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