Healthy habits for your morning routine

December 14, 2019Rabea

Having a morning routine can help your mental health and your daily productivity. Here are some healthy habits for your morning routine that you should start implementing.

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working out

Sounds like an absolute hassle to do first thing in the morning but when you think about it for a bit longer it actually makes sense to get it done first thing in the morning. We all know it’s good for us, we all need to do it a little more often and it actually gives you an incredible boost in the morning and wakes you up properly. Doesn’t need to be a big workout. You could do Yoga or a few stretches and squads to get your body going. A little workout is better than no workout.


If you’re like me you want to read more but when you put the activity on your daily list of things to do you’ll tend to push it to the next day constantly. Doing your reading in the morning can be very calming to get you in a good headspace for the rest of the day. If you read non-fiction like me it might also give you something new to learn every day. There is nothing more motivating than reading some really great advice and starting your day with that push. HERE is a blog post with book recommendations if you need it.

full skin care

I don’t know about you but I tend to procrastinate this a LOT and I hate that. Skin care is super important, especially if you have skin that likes to act up regularly or wear makeup a lot. Doing a full skin care routine every morning might be a good habit to develop. It’s very relaxing and I think by now I established very well that starting your day relaxed instead of worried about the day ahead is super helpful to improve your productivity. Wash that face, honey!


This is a habit I constantly try to get back on track with because it is actually magical how much of a difference it makes in your stress level. Meditation is proven to help with so many things if you do it regularly and I can tell you that it absolutely helps if you have mental health problems. Just the short amount of 5 minutes can help improve your stress level so much. This is a habit to not only practice in stressful times, you can prevent so much by just keeping up with it, which is what I’m currently trying to improve on.

meal prep

Something I personally don’t do but a lot of people love to do to relax and plan ahead and make their life’s a little bit easier. Meal prepping on a weekend morning sounds like fun to me honestly. I might put that on my list of things to try out in the next year. If you try to eat healthier this is definitely the push to start getting even more mindful about what you eat. I feel like a lot of people never considered adding this to their morning routine which is why I really wanted to add it here.


Cleansing your mind of anything that might be blocking your flow before you even start working sounds perfect to me. When you wake up you sometimes have either the weirdest mood for whatever reason and write that out on paper, or you have great ideas and that is also something you might want to jot down. There is also something called Morning Pages which is essentially writing in stream of consciousness style for three or more pages to get everything out. Some people do that everyday and don’t only get to know themselves way better but also get all of their ideas ever out on paper.

social media free

This is less of a habit to start and more a habit to stop. Try to stay away from social media for the first 30-60 minutes of your day and just concentrate on yourself. Putting your soul over stuffing your mind is something that sounds so simple and obvious but we all don’t do it enough. Even if you need your phone to wake up properly, you should try to stay away from social media. As much as you and I love it, it is doing things to your emotions and especially stress levels. Reading some weird comments or news in the morning can ruin your whole mood and you don’t really want that, right?

These were some healthy habits for your morning routine. Do you have another great habit that would fit perfectly into this list? Write it in the comments.
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Healthy habits for your morning routine

Healthy habits for your morning routine by Rabea

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