Easy workouts for your self-care routine

March 27, 2019Rabea
Easy workouts for your self-care routine main

A part of self-care is doing something good for your physical health and working out, even though you might not like it, is very important to keep you healthy. Here are some easy workouts for your self-care routine


Training at home is not hard and using your own body weight to get stronger is actually really helpful and easy. Blogilates has a ton of challenges and other body weight workouts on their website and Youtube. I personally love the “30 day flat abs challenge” and already did it multiple times and even did it with my friends. This page is a great resource if you ask me and I can only recommend the workouts on there

HIIT & Gym Routines

High Intensity Interval Training is super good to burn fat and lose weight more effectively. Going to the gym is one of the best decisions you can make for your self care journey. For both I can recommend the videos and Instagram posts Whitney posts. Especially THIS playlist is full of dozens of training videos that will give you variety in at home and gym workouts. The only thing you need for most of her HIIT videos are some basic weights.


Workout challenges are always a good idea when you need to get back into working out and I have found a website full of workout challenges, ideas and tips. Darebee is full of workout sheets, whole programs, recipes and challenges. There are so many different kinds of Challenges that it’s actually kind of hard to choose which one to start with. Cardio? Squats? Abs? Arms? Check it out!


Some of you probably aren’t the biggest fan of bringing your heartrate up quickly or just can’t work out normally at this point. Yoga is a great idea for those types of situations. There is more variety in yoga than you thing and the channel Yoga with Adriene shows you that. There is a whole beginner challenge on the Youtube channel if you’re just starting out and multiple videos of yoga in the office

These were some of the easy workouts for your self-care routines that I collected over the last weeks. If you want more self-care tips, personal development lessons, free printables and updates on my upcoming self-care ebook for beginners you should sign up for my newsletter:

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Easy workouts for your self-care routine

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