8 ways to be mindful today

September 19, 2018Rabea

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Mindfulness is talked about a lot in the recent months and it makes total sense. It is the balancing part to stress and stressful activities. That’s why I will show you 8 ways to be mindful today.

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breathe deeply throughout the day

At some points in the day you should take a few deep breaths. It’s super important to just sit back for a minute to control your breathing. It’s like mini-meditations and helps your stress to slow down a bit. I do it all the time when I write long blog posts and notice that my brain is just not having it.


daily yoga / stretches

Your body should stay as flexible as possible for as long as possible, right? Stretch everyday in your bed or before a workout and your body and especially your back will thank you. I sit almost the whole day because most of my work is computer related and stretching is super important. If you don’t have time for a workout at least do back stretches.



Reading is super calming to almost everyone. I personally love to read in the morning if I need a chill start into the day or in the evening if I wanna make myself tired faster. I personally love to read self-help books and made a post with my five favorites that you can check out if you want. Reading and learning while doing it is the best combo in my opinion.


eat mindfully

This might sound weird but is super important and healthy. Don´t eat with a distraction like social media or TV. Really concentrate on taste and chew it longer than you normally do. You will also notice faster when you are full when you concentrate fully on your food. I think this is the hardest part of mindfulness in daily life for me. I hate my own eating sounds and almost always watch videos. Definitely something I need to work on myself.



I will never stop talking about this. Writing down everything that’s going on in your life and brain is super important and helpful for your mental health and stress levels. For me it is in phases, sometimes I write daily and sometimes I don’t write for weeks. Also something I wanna change into a habit I do at least 2-3x per week. It’s super helpful to find out why you feel what you feel. Especially if you have some nervous reactions of your body.


take daily walks

Go for a walk daily or every other day. Being in nature or even in the middle of a big city and walking is calming you down and good for your body. Preferably with nothing that distracts you. I personally have weeks that I only go outside with calm music on my headphones because I’m sensitive to car sounds sometimes but in nature I always try to take them out at some point.


make your room look less chaotic

Your surroundings guide your inside. When your room looks chaotic your brain is easier to overwhelm. I always love to preach at least a little bit of the minimalism approach on everyone. You don’t need to own only 50 items, but downsize and declutter frequently. Everything you own should have a place and a color palette also helps a lot with interior and wardrobe simplicity. Book recommendation: The life-changing magic of tidying up.


put your phone away

I’m guilty of this too. We all are. I scroll through the Instagram explore page way too much and it’s kinda sad when I think about it. This can make you feel more anxious in your daily life without you noticing. Set some phone free times (1h in the morning, 1h in the evening, while working, etc.) and you´ll notice a big difference. There are good apps for this and I personally use one called Forest. Also try to plan in at least one social media free day per month. Something I want to do from now on.


These were 8 ways to be more mindful today and everyday. Of course there is also simple meditation, but that’s what almost everyone connects with mindfulness and I wanted to show which activities can also be mindful. If you have some great tips to add please leave a comment down below.

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8 ways to be mindful today

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