15 journaling prompts for self-love & positivity

April 28, 2018Rabea


15 journaling prompts for self-love & positivity with freebie

Journaling can be hard sometimes. You can have a lot on your mind and it doesn’t come out. That’s why I have some journaling prompts for self-love and positivity for you in this post and answer some of them myself (don’t forget to check out the freebie at the end).


What is the most loving thing I´ve ever done to myself?

Did you ever think about this? Sometimes it can feel a bit uncomfortable to acknowledge that you have done something good to yourself. It doesn’t need to be, because it is so awesome if you do something good for your mind, body, and soul. My answer would be something like this: I stopped eating meat and my body feels so much better now and I stopped blaming my anxiety for everything and did some things anyway. What would be your answer?


How many people did I make smile in my lifetime?

This is a hard one, but also a cute one. Especially if you have mental health issues or a lot of stress you forget really easily how many people you actually make smile without noticing. Depending on how much you did in your life and how kind and open you are to people in public you probably made thousands of people smile just through saying hello or letting them through somewhere.


What do I need to start saying “yes” to?

I get it, you want to be in that cozy little comfort zone, but what should you say yes to, to reach your goals or make yourself a bit happier. Is it the idea to start a blog? Networking with people on events? Or simply just a new hobby that you are nervous about? I personally need to say yes to more work, but also more balance between relaxing and working hard. For you it might be eating something new, going to the gym or learning to draw something.


What is one thing I look forward to every day?

I wanna know how much of you would say food, because same here. I always look forward to dinner time. For a lot of people, this is the gym or a hobby they do every day. Don´t always concentrate too much on school work or your 9-5 job, try to enjoy the really cool things outside of that. There is more than just boring things happening in your daily life.


Who are my role models?

Who are the Boss Babes and Dudes that inspire you to reach higher? Karlie Kloss? Lilly Singh? Zendaya? The Rock? There are so many people out there that did it on their own without getting pushed by their rich relatives (side eye to the Kardashians…still good business women tho). Having role models and looking at their journey helps you to realize that everyone started from the bottom and everyone had high hopes. Wanna make $10k a month? Work for it and have a role model as inspiration.


Where do I see myself in 10 years?

I know that this is a hard one and some of you might hate it, but just draw a picture in your mind where you want to be in 10 years. How many countries did you travel? Do you have a house? How much money did you make? Do you own your dream car or are you still traveling through Asia? There is so much you can do in 10 years, dream big.


What good habit do I want to begin?

Since I know you very well it’s gonna be something like “eating less sugar” or “going to the gym”, right? For me, it is eating more veggies and reading more books. There are endless possibilities with habits. If you need inspiration you should check out my Journaling Pinterest Board with a lot of habit trackers on it. But always remember, don’t try to do all habits at once.


Today I have accomplished…

We all forget to pat ourselves on the back for the little accomplishments that we reach. Did you clean your whole apartment? Pat yourself on the back. Did you go for a long walk outside? Pat yourself on the back. Are you done with all your work for the day? Pat yourself on the back. It’s so important to show this self-love and make yourself feel better.

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What does trust mean to me?

Trust is important in every kind of relationship and it also means different things to everyone. I´m not gonna give you ideas for this writing prompt since it´s so different for everyone and my thoughts about it could be the complete opposites of your thoughts about it. But we can all agree that it’s important to know what it means for yourself.


Write a thank you letter to your body

We don’t thank our body enough for all the things it is doing for us. I always think back to my biology classes and remember how amazed I was with the way our body does things with our food, blood, and hormones. Your body carries you everywhere and accepts a lot of changes you make and you should be thankful for that. You get to live up to 100 years in it and that’s something to be proud of.


What do I need to forgive myself for?

I personally know how hard and annoying it is to think about little things you did wrong in your life. But when you can’t change something you need to accept the way it is and try to live life with it. In some cases, it can be really hard and that’s why you should write your heart out and reflect on all of it, to see what can help you and where the root of the problem is.


What’s one change in my life that I can make for more happiness?

Maybe there is a person in your life that is holding you back and you still would call that person a “friend”. Kick them out of your life. Maybe you have an addiction to something that is very unhealthy. Try to get some help and make a plan how to get out of it. Maybe you want something for years now and have the money but you don’t feel worthy enough to own it. Buy that stuff after ending a big task and have a bit of fun. We are holding ourselves back in life way too much.



How can I learn to embrace imperfection in my life?

Perfection is nothing desirable because there is no such thing as perfection. But how do you embrace the imperfections in your life? Is there something you wanna learn to love about yourself or maybe even talk about it openly. I personally love to be open about certain imperfections that I have in my life. Everyone makes mistakes and learns from them and sharing them is great.


What does my support system look like?

Which people can you count on in situations when everything seems to go down in your life? It might be only one person and it might even be an internet friend, but there is nothing wrong or unnormal about that. You can also make it into levels since some people are just generally not that much around you. But I also encourage you to find ways to meet more like-minded people that you can connect with and build a support system


How will I make next month a great month?

I have an idea how you can make next month a great month. With self-care and the freebies from my resource library. I have multiple worksheets and printables in my resource library for everyone that signs up for my newsletter. I also put a little Printable together with these Journaling Prompts and 5 more that you can print out and put in your journal. Don´t miss out and get access to a constantly growing freebie library.



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