How Minimalism changes your mindset

October 20, 2018Rabea

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Minimalism isn’t only sorting out your apartment, it is also a mindset shift and a lifestyle for most people. There are many little realizations that you make when pursuing a life of minimalist. This is how minimalism changes your mindset:

Emotional connection to materialistic things

That’s obviously the first thing you will learn because this mindset develops while you are sorting out your physical life. We connect the smallest things with clothing while we forget that the important memories will always stay in our heart and in our generation will most certainly be filmed or at least photographed. The only things I still have in my wardrobe based on memories are two dresses. There is almost nothing left from my significant teenage years.

Less things around you, less anxiety

You have less things around you that you can worry about. Simple surrounding ease your mental state a lot. I really need intense problems or burn myself out to feel super overwhelmed by my surroundings. The fact that my room has a color palette and even my wardrobe has one also helps to make less passive and active decisions in my daily life. Everything just eases your mind a bit more.

Thinking more before buying

We see something, we want it, we buy impulsively. That doesn’t really happen with minimalism when you went through the mental part of it and understanding that sorting out doesn’t mean that you need to buy tons of new things. You will probably already have all important things and there will be very few things missing. I rarely make small investments and rather invest in bigger things for myself and my business.

spending less time on little unimportant things

You spend more time with yourself instead of unimportant things after sorting out and that makes you prioritize things in your life more. You start to care less about things that stressed you out before. I put way less time into impressing people, cleaning my room (cause there are less things in it) and discussing things online. I have a clear list of priorities in my life and health is number one!

being more organized

It’s kinda mentioned in all the points above but I wanted to make it clear. You are so much more organized inside and out. We make so many decisions every day and that makes us tired throughout the day. Living the minimalist lifestyle makes this so much easier. Less decisions mean less stress which means more balance.

Overall you are just finding yourself on a whole other level and it’s wonderful. Starting the minimalism journey is like rebooting or restarting your life. And that’s how minimalism changes your mindset.

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How Minimalism changes your mindset

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