How to have a Get your shit together day

April 4, 2020Rabea

Every once in a while you should get your life back together and the best way to do that is with a day on the weekend. Here’s how to have a get your shit together day. Well, you might need an entire weekend if you didn’t do this in a while and have a lot of adulting stuff to do.

How to have a Get your shit together day th

Braindump & Prioritize

If you don’t know what a braindump is: It’s just a list of things that come to your mind of things that you have to do. That can be urgent to-do’s or long term work that needs to be done. Write all of it down, small, big, things that you dislike, adulting stuff, calls you need to make. EVERYTHING. And once you feel a little bit more at easy with all of the things being out of your brain, you can start prioritizing those things. Urgent things first, then the things you keep procrastinating, then important things that are not super urgent. You could use the Eisenhower Matrix for prioritizing. But that may enable you to keep procrastinating the tasks you should really finally get off of your mind.

Do chores

The first part of this plan might fill an entire day if you have procrastinated a lot of stuff. And sadly there is more work before the calm, but push through it. Now there are the daily and weekly things that should be done. Recycle, handle the trash, do the laundry, clean all the rooms on a basic level, change your bedding. It’s a little extra workout and you’ll definitely feel accomplished after this part of your GYST day. For extra coziness you can even put your bedding into the dryer for a few minutes and climb into a warm bed right after.

Take care of yourself

Which brings us to part number 3 of your Get your shit together day. Taking care of your Mind, Body & Soul. If the concept of a self care day is more imagination than reality to you I suggest clicking through the self care category on my blog or buy “MIND, BODY & SOUL” – an eBook for self care starters. Shower, do your nails, have a little skincare routine and start cooking yourself a healthy meal. At least that’s what I like to do on these weekends. Maybe you just need a super long journaling session and some time to call a friend. Maybe you’re an outdoors person that needs a long walk and a nice candle burning in your room when you get back home.

Set goals & Plan the next week

And now that your mind is clear and you feel cozy, you should start writing down some goals or review the ones you already have. Maybe write down appointments you need to make (or make them immediately to get it out of the way). Look over your finances and look where you can improve your budgeting. And last but not least: Fill your calendar and create a routine of keeping your life in order. I do that with Life Admin days every 2-4 weeks where I get the small stuff done. And on top of that I do Weekly Reviews every Sunday and look back at the week and see what I can improve in the next one.

If you need a start into Weekly Reviews I suggest you to download the Weekly Review Cheat Sheet in my Freebie Library.
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How to have a Get your shit together day

How to have a Get your shit together day by Rabea

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