How to create a personal development plan

March 7, 2020Rabea

You probably want to know how to create a personal development plan since you clicked on this post. I need to start off by saying that personal developments can be very different depending on who you ask, but let’s just get into it:

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Some of you might be wondering why you even need a personal development plan. First of all, you don’t need one if you don’t want one, but if you want to improve your life you should probably have one. It’s there to set clear goals, reflect on yourself and hold yourself accountable. You might’ve seen part of personal development planning in workbooks and planners before and might be familiar with certain exercises.

What’s in it?

It has a few sections that are incredibly helpful for your personal development journey:

  • Goals you want to achieve
  • Habits you wanna start
  • Habits you want to stop
  • Smaller goals to achieve for the bigger goal
  • Action steps to achieve those smaller goals
  • Figuring out what might keep you from reaching your end goal
  • How to measure your progress

How often to review it

I write down smaller monthly goals guided by the bigger goals in the plan and review them with action steps for the goals every week. How much did I do this week for these goals? What could I improve? What do I need to get done next week? I wrote an entire post about how I do my Weekly Reviews HERE. It sounds like a lot of extra work, but it takes about 30 minutes once a week and helped me a lot with turning my life into a better one.

Need a personal development plan outline to just fill in? You’re in luck, cause there is a complete chapter just for this in my upcoming workbook guide on how to get your life back together. Check it out and pre-order it HERE.
PSSST! There is a mini version of a personal development plan for you in my freebie library, so you can start planning before getting the workbook. Check it out:

Check out the full workbook guide HERE.

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How to create a personal development plan

How to create a personal development plan by Rabea

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