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March 28, 2020Rabea

After I showed you all the mistakes I made with this blog last month, I now wanted to give you tips on how to avoid them. Here’s how to master blog marketing for beginners:

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Sales Funnels & Email Marketing Basics

If you want to possibly make money from the beginning you should actually start where your reader would end up. In the case of blogging, you’d send a reader through a sales funnel and add them to your email list in the process. Two incredibly important things to figure out early on. I learned that the hard way and am still constantly learning how to improve my newsletters and my landing pages. I wrote a post on “Sales Funnels for Beginners” and “Email Marketing for Beginners” if you need a place to start. Do your own research on top of it, cause I’m sure that even I still have things to learn.


Great! Now you know where to send your readers from the blog posts you’re writing, but how do you get readers in the first place. Well, the first source could be search engines. SEO stands for search engine optimization and sounds more complicated than it is. You basically want a keyword or phrase that occurs in your posts over and over again, which also is in the title and also is searched fairly well by potential readers. There is an incredibly helpful WordPress plugin called “Yoast SEO” that walks you through the steps and gives you a checklist under every new post you create.


Pinterest is also a search engine, but one with pictures, that is also considered a social media platform. It’s a total allrounder in my opinion and it’s where most bloggers get their biggest chunk of traffic from. The basics of SEO work here too: Your picture needs to have the keyword in its name, the description of the pin should have it and the pin should be a nice graphic too. It’s a little bit overwhelming in the beginning, but totally worth it. I wrote a blog post about using Pinterest as a blogger HERE.

Social Media

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even Tumblr. All of them are considered social media. All of them have their own ideal way to promote your new posts, products, and freebies. It can be a super helpful way to get your first readers. Figure out where your blog topic is the most prevalent and invest your time there. For most people, it is either Instagram or Facebook groups. Research your way through the best ways to grow in those environments and go from there. Growing a community is hard but rewarding.

Serve your audience

Always remember that you need to give something before you can ask something in return. That is especially true when it comes to email marketing in the beginning. If you have a welcome sequence of emails you might mention your product in all of them, but only after you gave them some value. I like to go after the rule of “S-S-A / Serve-Serve-Ask”. For an email series that would mean two long emails that are very helpful to the reader, mentioning the products you want to sell at the end and the third email would be all about the actual product and why it solves the problem of the reader.
You are here for the reader

Figuring out that balance for you personally might be an ongoing journey. It is for me. I keep improving my older popular posts a lot, I update my products 2-4x a year and I definitely update my emails every so often cause I keep learning and keep noticing that I could do something better. Which leads me to…

Show that you’re also just human!

You are just human and you should share that with the world. Made a funny mistake? Share it on your Instagram story. Have a small problem you solved and know your audience would love it too? Share that tip! Show that you’re just as flawed as anyone else. Don’t make it your trait (that gets super annoying, to be honest) but share it as any other human being would. I see it a lot with the big bloggers that are moms, sharing their little fails of family life here and there and it creates connection. It creates a community.

You’re just starting out? Here are my recommendations.

You’re just starting out with blogging or simply search for new ways to further your business? I have a few recommendations for you:
Bluehost – my hosting service for the last 3 years, I’m super happy with it!
Grammarly – this tool makes sure my grammar is right in all my social media posts.
Tailwind – Tired of manually pinning every day? This tool helps you get your pins in front of a bigger audience and I’ve been using it for a year now.
ConvertKit – Want to start an email list to generate more sales or just to keep your readers updated? This is a great service to use.
Blogging Bossbabe – a course I made for all the people wanting to start a blog and make it successful. Everything you need to know in one place and affordable if you want to save some $$$.
Blogger Starter Pack – a completely free email course that helps you with the basic beginnings of starting a professional blog. Sign up for it down below and get started now:

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Blog Marketing for beginners

Blog Marketing for beginners by Rabea

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