Lists to organize your life

April 11, 2020Rabea

Having reference points is the best way to stay organized. My favorite reference points are lists to refer back to. Here are some lists to organize your life.

Lists to organize your life th

Longterm Goals

Get clear on your biggest goals in life so you see what you’re working towards. Do you wanna become an author? A yoga teacher? Make a certain amount a month? Own a house? Write it down and create another list of how to get there. I think a good way to do that is with a 5 year plan. Maybe you won’t reach the life goal that fast, but you can break down your big goal into smaller goals. What can you do in 5 years, 2 years, 1 year, the next quarter, the next month and the next week? You need to know how to get to your goal, otherwise, it will remain a dream forever.

Cleaning List

I cannot tell you how much this is needed, especially if you’re a young adult like me. I have this list in a neat little app called Tody. You need to know what you should do every single day (clearing up your desk, but dirty laundry into the laundry basket, get the kitchen sink empty), what has to be done weekly (vacuuming, dusting off surfaces, clear your inbox), what needs to be done once a month (sort your paperwork, pay bills, deep clean often used areas), what has to be done every 3-4 months (clean windows, put throw blankets and pillows into the wash, redecorate) and what can be done once a year (deep clean of certain appliances, decluttering, clearing up space on your computer).

Shopping List

This is a genius thing if you want to buy less bs at the store (besides not going grocery shopping hungry). Have a list of your basics stored somewhere. I’d suggest an app that can be used from multiple devices. Maybe you also have other things you need to buy regularly like water filters and cleaning products. Have a list for those things too. Not needing to write these lists all the time is super helpful. I use Notion for that (an app you can use on all devices) and simply un-check the things I need to buy again on the list. Definitely a the most helpful daily list of all the lists to organize your life.

Declutter List

If you don’t think things need to be thrown out regularly, we are definitely not on the same page. Make a list of things to go through and declutter once or twice a year. Orient yourself on the Konmari decluttering method when it comes to categories to sort through. We all have clothes we haven’t worn in so long and won’t wear again if we are honest with ourselves and look beyond the “I’ll wear this” and “Maybe I could wear it for…” (Most of the time you won’t). The same goes for books, stationery, tech, any type of media and cosmetics. You didn’t use it in a year? You likely won’t use it in the next.

Habits to stop/start / Routine List

Old habits die hard, don’t they? And new habits seem super hard to implement. Having a list of things to stop and start doing can be a good first step. Not implementing everything at once would also be a big help, but you know what we tend to forget? That the human mind likes routines and systems. Implement a new habit right after of before one you already have. And don’t forget that our brain likes the path of least resistance, so give it as few reasons as possible to not do something.
If you need a little worksheet for planning your next goals in that direction and writing that habits list, I have the right thing for you in my freebie library. Click HERE to get to the mini personal development plan I made recently.

To-Do When Bored List

I rarely get bored, but I have a list of things to do for when I actually get bored. The things on there can be as simple as putting on a hair mask and can be as complicated as watching an online course and learning something new for your career or personal life. On my list I have a lot of things I can do on social media and my blog to improve it. Maybe yours has more self care or outdoor activities. In case you also think about starting a blog I recommend you look into THIS blog post about starting a blog and my e-course “Blogging Bossbabe” for beginners that is currently getting a big update that you don’t want to miss.

Schedule List

There are things we do every week and need to schedule into our calendars every week. And I speak from experience when I say we all tend to forget putting down a time in our calendar to clean or to have a morning and evening routine. You also do certain tasks over and over again. Knowing how long you need for tasks helps with planning more effectively and helps you put in little breaks and buffers in your agenda for the week. Know what you can do in 15, 30, 60 & 90 minutes and how long you need to breath in between to not burn out. Balance is key here!

Review Lists

This is a super relevant part if you have a life goals list and/or a five year plan that I mentioned above. You need to keep yourself in check and see where you can improve. Once a quarter is definitely a must in that case, otherwise, you won’t get there quicker. You’ll see how that immediately drags monthly reviews of your goals after it and then you might even be looking into weekly reviews. Weekly reviews aren’t a big thing. They take less than an hour and you know way better were to improve with the little things. You wanna try out weekly reviews? I have a super pretty cheat sheet for weekly reviews in my freebie library. Get it delivered straight to your email inbox right now and start your first weekly review:

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Lists to organize your life

Lists to organize your life by Rabea

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