How I do my Weekly Review

September 7, 2019Rabea

A lot of people work way more and way more effective on their goals with a weekly review being involved. Here is how I do my weekly review and why.

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What is it?

It’s exactly what it sounds like. It is a weekly review of your life and the goals you have. You determine how much further you got with your goals, which tasks need to be done next and how you felt over the week.

Why did I start?

I actually started because I’ve seen it a lot in multiple places and because I started reading Getting Things Done. Well, that’s where I knew it from, the actual trigger to start this habit was me being way too overwhelmed about everything I do. I wanted to prevent burnout and have a balanced productivity every week. Or at least make it some more consistent.
It really helped me to actually have a better overview over what I do all month.

Why you should do it

If you need to keep yourself accountable, need a more consistent week-to-week productivity or just have a lot of big goals to work on: This is your method to go with. I’m a workaholic and tend to overwhelm myself and also overwork. With some good rules for how much to work and intuition training to take more breaks this is a good way to get into controlling your workload.

How I do it

I use:
Google Doc’s – for the actual review
Wunderlist – Urgent, Week, Month, Quarter & Year tasks (sorted in urgency)
Google Calendar – To time block the tasks

Rayowag Weekly Review Freebie

Step 1

The first thing I do is write a brain dump. I write down any to do coming to my mind that needs to be done the following week and maybe throughout the month. The tasks that don’t need to be done soon you can put into a “to do whenever” to do list. The rest you can just sort into “Urgent”, “This Week”, “This month” and so on.

Step 2

The second step is to reflect on the last week. How much did I get done? Did I make progress on any goals? If not, why not? This is technically just journaling about my last week. Really helps getting emotions out of your head and analyzes what might make you less productive. In my case weather and the size of the workload the previous week usually make a big difference there.

Step 3

Next you plan your next week. See what is on the calendar, add things to the calendar from your “urgent” and “this week” list that you sorted your brain dump into. After that you carry over tasks from the last week if there are things that haven’t been done. You get the idea of this step.
Don’t forget to check if there are birthdays and appointments coming up that you need to do something for.

Step 4

Then you finally review the week. In this part you look at your annual and quarterly goals and check if they need to be changed around. Write down if you need to work more on some of them or if you got done with one of them.

Step 5 & extras

5. The last bit of this routine is preparation for the next week. Empty your inbox, go through mail you got, declutter your desk and prepare anything else you need to be prepared.

Throughout the week I refer to the Calendar and Wunderlist. I even adjust the urgency of tasks and the time blocks in Google Calendar. It’s still super flexible to use this system! That’s what I love so much about it.
The other things I do outside of this process are tracking my habits in an app and writing the tasks that I actually did that day into my bullet journal which has my monthly goals in it on the page next to the monthly overview.

If you need this post in a short and more organized printable form, you can sign up for my newsletter to get access to my freebie library. There you will find a free printable with all the steps of this Weekly Review process. If you need a little bit more to get your life together at the moment there is also a full workbook HERE that you should check out that might help you.

Rayowag Weekly Review Freebie

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How I do my Weekly Review

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