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February 16, 2019Rabea
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It’s the time of the year that we kinda lose a bit of sight of ourselves. We are a little lost and kinda wanna get back on track and that’s why I have the ultimate guide on how to get your life together for you. [Don’t forget to check out the free eBook at the end of the blog post!]

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Clean room and declutter

This is always the first step to get a little bit clearer in the head. I personally do this the Konmari way but you do you. I personally love to go through my belongings once a year and sort out everything that I didn’t use in a year, don’t like anymore or don’t have any connection to anymore. After that you should do a deep clean of your space. Floor, windows, all surfaces, rugs, give your bed a makeover, wash things you didn’t wash in over a year. After organizing everything and starting with a clean physical slate you will already feel way clearer than before

Write down all your feelings and thoughts

Now that the outside is cleared you need to start on the inside process. You probably collected a lot of feelings and thoughts that you didn’t get off your chest in a while. Take a notebook or open a document and write down EVERYTHING coming to your brain and remember that nobody will ever read it, it’s just for you to get it off your chest and feel better. It also helps to read over it afterwards to find out what you can change about your thought pattern to feel less overwhelmed.

Sort out your digital life

This is a thing we all don’t do enough. This begins with saving random stuff to our computer that we will never need again. At least have a file on your computer for stuff like that so you can go through it easier. I once took a whole weekend to create a whole system for my whole computer to know where my stuff is. Sometime it’s a bit annoying to click on multiple files before I can access what I need but it’s way better than searching it for way too long. If you already have a system start looking through the stuff that is older than 6 months and see if you still need all of it. In most cases we have multiples of the same picture, downloaded PDFs we will never look at again and so on.

Write down any tasks that come to your head

Now you are at a point where your overwhelm and the feeling of being lost switched to being only a little stressed and still wanting to fix your situation. Great! The next thing you should to is open a notebook or open the notes app on your phone and write down every task that comes to your mind that you still need to do. No matter how big, small, urgent or nonurgent it is. We all have a lot of plans in the back of our head that we wanna do that can wait but need to be written down too. That list might be super long and stress you out a bit but now you need to go through it and sort it after urgency. What needs to be done tomorrow, this week, this month, this quarter, this year and so on.

Unless you have a totally unhealthy sense of how much you can do the tasks will be almost equally split between all categories. There might be a bit more in the list for the upcoming days based in how much you procrastinated things but it should be manageable like that. If not make even smaller action steps to make the big tasks seem easier

Write a message or even a letter to your friends

I know sometimes it can be stressful to have the life in front of you and then remember you also need to keep up with your social life. Put some time aside to write the most important people in your life a little message, work out a date to meet up with them or even send the friends living further away a letter. I personally have a lot of internet friends and I love to write them letters 1-3x per year. It is fairly easy, doesn’t cost a lot and it makes them super happy and you feel a little bit less like you don’t give them enough attention.

Workout and eat something healthy!!!

After having all of this off your chest you should put the rest of your emotions and energy into working out a little bit. It’s good for your body, generates hormones that make you feel better and decreases stress. Do it! And also make yourself a healthy dish to eat to nourish your body after all the stress and hard work. We tend to forget we are human when we get overwhelmed and that our body needs care. We also tend to forget that caring for our body helps the mind to concentrate better and be less stressed.

Make appointments for the next 6 months

Now a last thing we all kinda dislike but it’s also probably a thing in the back of your mind or even on the list of tasks you made: Making appointments. It can be uncomfortable so why not batch it as much as you can. Find out what appointments you need in the next six months and just make them. Dentist, blood work, getting your eyes checked, getting your skin checked, calling your hairdresser,… You feel like an actual adult after doing this instead of an unproductive blob.

That’s my ultimate guide on how to get your life together. You should feel waaay better after doing all of this and way less lost. If you still feel lost make a list of goals and action steps to reach them.

As I already mentioned in the beginning of this blog post there is a new mini eBook about in my freebie library. It’s all about how to have a Life Admin day. A day to get done all the things you have been procrastinating for weeks and weeks. Click HERE to get that freebie delivered to your inbox.


If you are interested in learning more about getting your life together for the future? I wrote an entire workbook with tons of worksheets about how to get your life together and keeping it that way. My goal was to give you a system that would keep you on track instead of falling back all the time. I think you’ll like it. Check it out and grab it as long as the price is reduced:

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How to get your life together - The ultimate guide

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