Why you should invest into your blog & what to invest into

January 22, 2020Rabea

I’ve been at the point where I questioned if I should invest into my blog multiple times in the past and since you’re here, you probably were there too. Here is why you should invest into your blog and what to invest into.

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Why you should invest into your blog main th

Why you should invest into your blog

If this is something you want to make money with you should start evaluating what would make you look more professional and what would make you more efficient (or safe time). Sooner or later you WILL come to the conclusion that there needs to be at least a LITTLE bit of money invested. It doesn’t need to be $100 a month. There is more than enough out there that costs $100 a year and saves you time (and time is money).

What to invest into

So what should you invest into? It doesn’t have to be a lot. Some stuff is paid yearly, some of it monthly, some of it only every three years if you choose to. I want to tell you what saved my time in the last few years of blogging.


If you aren’t already hosting your website yourself, you should start there. Web hosting costs around $100 for 2-3 years and is everything you need to start and look professional with your own URL. I’ve been using Bluehost the last three years and I have absolutely no problem with it until now. If that would ever change, you’d be the first to know. It is affordable and tons of big bloggers use it too. This is the baseline of money to invest to start your blogging career.

Blogging Courses

There are tons of courses out there that show you how to start a blog and make it successful. Some are very broad in topic, some are very specific. I created an entire course just for people like you, that want to get all the knowledge they can in one place. My course “Blogging Bossbabe” is giving you all the basics of blogging in video form and comes with extra lessons on more specific topics AND freebies. It also includes my “MIND, BODY & SOUL” eBook, because your work-life-balance is more important than anything else. Interested? You can check it out HERE. A little bit on the fence? I made an entirely free email course you can sign up for that gives you the basics of starting a blog that I talk about more deeply in the “Blogging Bossbabe” e-course.


If you have a blog, you want traffic on your website. The number one way to get website traffic, other than search engines, is Pinterest. But you can’t just create Pins and sit on Pinterest all day, that would be wasting your time in the long run. Tailwind does all the pinning on there for you and is a Pinterest Certified service. You can find pins from others on there and even put your own into a loop to be posted automatically every few weeks. You can start a free trial to get into the great tool HERE. Worth every penny in my opinion.


Email marketing is one of the biggest sources of income for most bloggers. Writing newsletters, giving subscribers a little more content than the rest, keeping readers up-to-date? You should not only get into email marketing and sales funnels, but you should start as early as you can with building an email list. I suggest you start using ConvertKit and find your way of email marketing from there. Try ConvertKit HERE.


This is a one time investment and it has been worth it for mw 100%. If you make your own pictures for your blog or you plan on pushing your blog on visual social media, you should think about investing into Photoshop Lightroom. It is a photo editing tool that you can pay for once and use forever. Most social media influencers and photographers use it to keep their content on brand. You can even make your own filters in the program. I’ve been using it for 3 years and still find new features to use!

This is why you should invest into your blog and what to invest into. As you can see, most of these cost less than you probably expected and using them will free up time to get even better at blogging and making money with it, so it will pay for itself.
You want to join the free email course I mentioned that will help you with starting a professional blog? Join it here:

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Why you should invest into your blog

Why you should invest into your blog by Rabea

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