Why setting boundaries is important

January 25, 2020Rabea

Boundaries, we all talk about them once in a while but today we’re talking about why setting boundaries is important for you.

Why setting boundaries is important

Knowing your limits

Setting boundaries is the equivalent of knowing where your lines are drawn. Especially on your inside. Knowing when you are overworking yourself for example. You will have a feeling for how many hours of work are too much and working more than that is overstepping a boundary with yourself. This is good if you have mental health issues and want to stay on track for your recovery.

Knowing when to say no or remove yourself from a situation

External boundaries is what we mean when we talk about boundaries most of the time. Set boundaries to know when a line is overstepped and you have to say no. Know when a situation is too hurtful for you and you should remove yourself from a situation. These are key things to know about yourself to not get hurt mentally or even physically. Some boundaries are close to your instincts, others need to be developed.

Mental Health Safety

I’ve already mentioned it above, but boundaries are important if you have mental health problems you deal with. Someone constantly triggering you is someone that needs to be avoided or cut off. Knowing when a person is starting to be bad for your mental health and what factors are the reason for that can help you identify the people around you that contribute to you feeling worse.

To outline your limits to others

Setting and knowing your boundaries helps with communicating them to others. When you know what sets you off, you can tell others and they can include you. If they don’t the Mental Health Safety part from above comes into play. Having a list of things that are and aren’t okay to do or say can improve your life with others a lot.

To know when something is abuse

Knowing what you don’t deserve and how someone shouldn’t treat you helps you rather quick sometimes with identifying toxic people and can help prevent being emotionally abused. The topic is still a shaky line, since every situation is different, but knowing what you want is definitely helping with reading people a little better.

These are just some reasons why setting your boundaries is important. Know yourself and what you need around you and from yourself. If you want to learn more about boundaries from actual therapists, I’d suggest you this, this & this Instagram account.

Struggling with setting internal boundaries? Maybe you need to get a bit of balance back. I wrote an entire eBook on the topic of self care called “MIND, BODY & SOUL.” There is a free chapter called “What’s good for your mind?” in my freebie library that people signed up to my newsletter have access to. Sign up and be part of the squad here:

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Why setting boundaries is important by Rabea

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