Time management strategies

January 18, 2020Rabea

In a time where productivity is super important to almost all of us you might be searching for the right time management strategies to stay on top of things. Here are the 4 that have helped me throughout the years. This is an extra lesson from my “Blogging Bossbabe” e-course. Check it out HERE.

Time management strategies

Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro method consists of 25 minute time blocks with 5 minute breaks in between and after 4 cycles you should take a longer break of at least 30 minutes. It works really well for studying, writing and deadline projects. The study community on social media made this method go as big as it is now. I personally use it when I need to do something I really don’t wanna do but need to get finished. Writing a blog post? 25 minutes. Go. Need to write emails? 25 minutes. Go. It works super well with smaller tasks comparable to studying.

90 minute time blocks

This is very similar and for everyone that needs longer time blocks or simply has bigger tasks that don’t work well with 25 minute increments. I only use 90 minute time blocks with super big tasks like creating products, batching content for this blog, cleaning the apartment, life admin tasks. After 90 minutes of work you should take at least 45 minutes of relaxation time. If you have an office job you might want to start your day with a 90 minute time block of answering emails before switching into 25 minute tasks.

80/20 technique

You probably heard of the 80/20 rule before. If you apply it to time it means that 20% of your time should be spent on tasks that accomplish 80% of your priorities. 20% of your work makes 80% of your success. 80% of your work creates the other 20%. This sounds super weird but makes sense. For example: Writing 12 blog posts for the month, creating the pins and promoting them creates all the traffic and customers, while updating products and old blog posts doesn’t do much other than bring in some success in the long term. Find out which tasks to more in the time you have an prioritize those.

Getting Things Done Technique

In the book “Getting Things Done” there is a certain way of prioritizing your tasks and that means doing short tasks immediately, sort tasks after urgency and do the hardest and biggest things right after. The book has tons and tons of lessons and I recommend it to you. This technique also uses the daily, weekly and monthly increments. Planning your action steps and tasks ahead can save you tons of stress. It’s a little hard to explain the beautiful technique this entire book explains. You might wanna read it yourself.

These were the top time management strategies that I can recommend. This post is an extra lesson from my e-course “Blogging Bossbabe” all about how to start and maintain a successful blog. Not only do I explain to you how the world of blogging works, but also personal development topics like productivity (as you can read above). I’m currently also updating all the video lessons and planning more extra content for the course. So don’t miss out on that. You can get a free start into the course by joining the free email series “Blogger Starter Pack” that explains the steps of starting a good blog to you.
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Time management strategies

Time management strategies by Rabea

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