9 ways to change your life today

June 1, 2018Rabea

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I get it, even if you are the most creative person on the planet you life can get a bit too boring. That’s why I had the idea to make this blog post with 9 ways to change your life today. I was in this repetitive pattern for almost a year and just broke out of it because I was in financial problems and needed to start working towards self employment. I don’t want you to be in a shitty life situation to change your life around a bit so let’s get started with the ways to change your life.

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Set big goals and create an action plan

You want big changes? You need to have big goals for that! There are a few big goals everyone wants to reach in their life but almost never does…make an action plan and work on it consistently. You want to learn surfing? Save up for a long trip to a town near a good beach. You want to be certified MUA? Start to practice makeup daily and save up for Makeup School. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

Start a new hobby

I want to start dancing hip hop for months now, maybe you want to learn photography a bit more. I don’t care what it is, you should start doing it in the quickest way possible. There are YouTube videos for almost every hobby if you want to save money while trying out if it’s something you really want to invest in. If you want to start blogging as a new hobby you can check out the extensive blog post that I wrote about it.

Go vegetarian or vegan

Changing the way you eat and live can be very refreshing and even help you with health problems. I personally went vegetarian very spontaneous a few years ago and noticed that my problems with stomach aches went away. Maybe you have acne and should try to cut out milk, maybe you just need to eat more vegetables and veganism helps you to do that. Eating differently is always an interesting journey.

Sort your paperwork and know your finances

A lot of us don’t spend enough time organizing our paperwork and having an overview over all finances. Take some time to sort through everything and plan your budget. You will see where you can save a bit (tip: coffee, electronics, clothing & phone bill) and with that information you can set an amount of money that you want to save every month, because having an emergency fund is more important that your daily Starbucks coffee. And while you are organizing and planning: Check out the book The life-changing of tidying up!

Go on a trip in your own country

We all don’t give the nature of our own country the credit it deserves. The US has so many national parks, Germany has tons of beautiful forests, France has the best train routes through nature. Take some money and your car and book a few AirBnBs in your country. Especially if you´re from Europe you can be in a different country in just hours (for the US it’s a new state).

Start going to the gym and invest money in a trainer

Yes, going to the gym is obviously life changing, but you actually need to go multiple times a week to see quick results and that’s hard for a lot of us if nobody holds us accountable. I think you should invest in a coach that kicks your butt and gives you the results you want. Making the gym a habit is a goal we all should strive for. Do it now, not later.

DM people online that you admire

We are all shy on social media and I totally don’t get it. What should happen if you are nice to someone. They answer, ignore or they are disrespectful and you can block them because they are ungrateful for a compliment. I personally love to answer the Instagram Stories of the people that I admire. But you can also just compliment them on their feed and ask a question. Everyone loves attention, so why not give other people a piece of your day in a quick chat and maybe make connections for the future.

Read a book per week from now on

A goal that I am not capable of because I see books, say that I´ll read them and then I need two weeks to pick it up again and only read a chapter. But you might be totally into books and learning something new from non-fiction books is the greatest thing ever in my opinion. I made a whole blog post about my 5 favorite self-help books and why I love them so much. My number one recommendation is “The subtle art of not giving a f*ck” by Mark Manson. It blew my mind and I learned a lot about life from it.

Search for a new job or try to change your position

This might be hard or not possible in your head, but let me tell you. I´m 19, dropped out of 10th grade twice and I still find a way to make money. Do what you love, not what you are forced to do. And sometimes it’s literally just a question and telling them what value it would bring them if they would change your position. Don´t go into this topic with a “won’t happen” mindset, please.

Those were 9 ways to change your life today and I personally need to do a few of them too. Pick one or two and try to work on them consistently. Your dreams don’t work until you do. If you need a bit more inspiration or motivational quotes for your walls I would suggest you to check out my resource library for my newsletter squad. I have printables and ebooks in there that a creative like you would totally want. Go check it out:

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Ways to change your life

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