A guide to reprogramm your mind

November 13, 2019Rabea

Reprogramming your mind sounds weird at first but what I mean by it is changing your general mindset about life, work, stress and so on. You can start reprogramming your mind by doing the most simple things and today I’ll give you some tips for that. Here is a guide to reprogramm your mind.

A guide to reprogramming your mind main th


This is probably the part that feels the most like reprogramming about this whole journey. Affirmations are just positive sentences you repeat multiple times a day and every day. It could be a simple “I’m confident”, but it could also be a “I’m going to get better at organizing my xy.”
I do this a lot when I meditate, since it gives me something to concentrate on while I practice mindfulness. You should definitely try it, it’s less weird than it might sound.


This is something I talk about a LOT on this blog because it simply is an incredible tool to become a better person. Getting things off your chest and learning about yourself by writing your feelings onto paper really makes a difference if you do it frequently. You don’t need to journal every day but it definitely makes sense to at least sit down at the end of the week and write down what happened externally and internally. Another way to journal is to write down gratitude lists regularly to remind yourself that the small things in life are important.

Working out

We all don’t wanna hear this bus working out is an essential to have a better life and a better mood. Your mental world is connected to your physical world and if you treat your body badly your mind will follow. Everyone with a mental illness out there is probably nodding their head to this. I know it is a hard habit to develop but please try to at least have a goal of how many steps to walk every day and do little things like a squat or plank challenge for every month. It doesn’t have to be hard.

What's good for your mind mini ebook

Comfort zone

What I mean by this? Leave your comfort zone more regularly and train your brain to realize that doing new things often leads to an explosion of good hormones in your body. Doesn’t matter if that means going to a café to work or if that means travelling alone later in the year. Doing new and exciting things and overcoming your small and big fears is incredibly rewarding and a muscle that needs to be trained.


This sounds so basic but for a lot of people it sadly isn’t. Especially in my generation (Gen Z & Millennials) and with the internet it gets harder and harder for people to build friendships offline. Of course, it’s so much easier to find likeminded people online but making friends and meeting them in person is so important for our minds. It absolutely makes a difference if you have another person in the room or not. Keep socializing!

These were my tips on reprogramming your mind. It’s simple but keeping it up takes some serious effort. If you need more resources on all things self care you can check out my newsletter and get access to freebies like printable affirmation cards. If you want to get started with in-depth self care and want to learn more about the things I mentioned in this blog post I recommend my “What’s good for your mind?” freebie, which is a free chapter from my book “MIND, BODY & SOUL.”

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A guide to reprogramming your mind

A guide to reprogramm your mind by Rabea

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