Ways to fill a journal

January 30, 2019Rabea
Ways to fill a journal

Notebooks and Journals are an obsession for a lot of people but they are never really used effectively. That’s why I wanted to give you some ideas on ways to fill a journal to use it more frequently and actually improve your life.

Gratitude Journal

This is by far my favorite way to use a journal. Write down 10 things you are grateful for everyday and try to not repeat yourself too much. After a while you will notice a difference in your daily mood and mindset since you search for more an more things to be grateful for. You can even write down a mantra everyday to put it into your mind more. That helps a lot when you wanna build confidence and give yourself a confidence pusher everyday in the Gratitude Journal. If you need a pre-made gratitude journal you should try THIS.

Art Journal

As long as you don’t use super high end products or alcohol based markers you can use almost every notebook as an art journal. I personally always make little watercolor paintings in the back of my bullet journals when they have pages left at the end of the year. Even with thin paper you can still use fineliners and practice outlines and make little studies on how to draw certain little things. There are tons of resources on Pinterest and Tumblr for that. Moleskine has a specific art notebook line that you should check out if you wanna start this.


This is the most obvious option of what to do with a journal. It might come off a bit weird for an adult to have a diary but it is actually super great to get your emotions and stress out. If I am overwhelmed I write it out to get a clear head and organize my thoughts. Trying to use a journal at least once or twice a week actually makes a difference in how stressed you are and how you manage overwhelm. I personally use a Leuchtturm 1917 lined notebook for this or write on my computer.

Business & Brainstorm season

I have a journal like that for almost three years now and it is super helpful. I write down any ideas I get for my blog or business and brainstorm ideas for projects in it. I also use it to write down things I learn about marketing and similar things. You could also track your followers and sales in there. If you don’t have a big hobby or business you could just use a journal like this for big life projects or big goals to write down actionsteps. For example: I wanna get into acting more and I can write down to look into acting groups and agencies, etc.

Bullet Journal

You have seen it everywhere and some of you might already have one. The basics of the bullet journal method are actually great for everyone with a lot of tasks and stress. Most people have a bit more fun with it artistically and add pages into their bullet journals that someone using it for the pure effectiveness of it wouldn’t do. I personally switch up my spreads very frequently based on my workload and how much I actually open my bullet journal. For my bullet journal I use the Leuchtturm 1917 dotted notebook with Sakura Mircon Fineliners.

These were my favorite ways to fill a journal. I personally have a bullet journal, business journal and diary at the moment but wanna start an art journal again. Tell me what you use your empty journals for in the comments under this post.

If you need more ideas on how to be creative inside and outside of a notebook you should check out my free mini ebook about getting out of creative ruts. It has a ton of ideas and inspiration sources in it. You can download it in my freebie library which is accessible after signing up for my newsletter:

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Ways to fill a journal

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