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November 30, 2019Rabea

It doesn’t matter if you have seasonal depression, unstable mental health or simply want to improve your mental health in the upcoming months. We ALL want to learn tips to improve mental health and you’re in luck, because I run an entire blog about this topic and speak from experience. Here are my tips to improve mental health:

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Everyone that is a frequent reader of this blog is probably rolling their eyes at this being the first thing I recommend, but it’s simply the best way to get better. Writing your feelings down, reflecting on your week and asking yourself deep questions not only help you get to know yourself better but also help to get the weight off your shoulders. It also is super cool to look back and see how much better you feel and how much you’ve grown. Journaling doesn’t need to be an everyday thing. I try to do it once a week and even then I don’t pressure myself. Sometimes the words just explode out of me and sometimes I already wrote it all out in a chat with my friends.

working out

Another one of those obvious tips but we all wanna be lazy instead. Please don’t be. You don’t need to go to the gym to stay fit enough to not harm your mental health. I would know since I’ve been at a point where I was so bad physically that it became a mental problem too. Do a 30 day challenge, have a workout buddy online or in real life. Just develop a habit of doing little bit for your body every day. It can even be just stretching and a few squats while you brush your teeth. Just don’t let your body fall apart.


I wrote an entire blog post about the proven positive effects of meditation and it’s quite obvious that it isn’t only a spiritual thing anymore. Sitting down and concentrating on your breathing is a big stress reliever and learning to let your thoughts pass is a great skill to have. I also like to repeat affirmations in my head while I meditate to start my days off on a positive note or end them with a more content feeling.

therapy (duh!)

Please, do it! Therapy is the coolest thing ever once you found the right therapist to go to and if you’re in a western country without an f-ed up health care system (looking at you US), you will be able to test a few until deciding. I needed to trials to find the right one and it’s amazing. I’m currently searching a new one after a two year pause with therapy cause life got weird. It’s just great to have a professional throw your thoughts back at you and make you realize things that you hadn’t thought about before.

resocializing & sorting out toxic people

You might not be socializing enough or with people that are toxic and manipulative. Sort out your social life and try to go out more. I plan on starting to go to dance class next year and make some more friends there after pretty much only sitting in my little village I’m from for the last two years. Being aware of the people around you and how often you actually interact with people is super important and could be a big root for problems in your mental world. From all my tips to improve mental health this is probably the most overlooked part.

planning your days & weeks

Not everyone is a friend of planning, but rough planning can be incredibly helpful. I plan my next week every single sunday and it takes a lot of weight off of me to know what I can do in one week and what needs to wait longer. I also use Google Calendar to estimated how long I’ll need on average and how much I can fit into one day. Even just doing the Calendar method for one or two days can be great to figure out how you work best.

Knowing your why

Make a list of why’s. Why are you doing the things you do. You’ll notice when you don’t have enough points for something that it makes you unhappy. You’ll also notice that some things you think you dislike still have some good points that you can reference whenever you’re not in the mood for it. On my list I have things like blogging, writing in general, creating art, why I do certain hobbies, why I do online school. All that stuff needs to be written down as a reference point.

Prioritizing the areas of your life

This is something that I constantly preach. Please know what is most important in your life. Health comes over family comes over friends comes over work. Stuff like that needs to be inside of your brain at any given point to know when you need to say “No” to something you can’t do or can’t attend. Also, saying No is a big thing you should learn if you’re not good at it, cause it’s not good for you, just as much as always saying No and never saying Yes. Balance is key at the end of the day.

These were my tips to improve mental health.
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