The poor mindset and how it hurts us

January 26, 2019Rabea
The poor mindset and how it hurts us

If you are reading this on a phone or a laptop you can’t say to me, that there is no way for you to make more money. As long as you can write emails and sign up for online work with wifi at home or in a restaurant you are not too poor to make more money.
Is it hard to live on every last penny? Of course. The thing that is so annoying is, that people day in and day out say “I can’t beat this lifestyle. I will stay in it forever.”
And all I will say to people like that is “No! As long as you have the ability to use the internet in some kind of way, you can make money on your own or apply for jobs. You are just not willing to go out of your comfort zone.”
No one said it would be easy to make money. I´m just saying that it doesn´t help you to say “That won’t work anyway”.
Life is hard. I know that, because I know exactly how it feels to be in that situation. But instead of talking about the bad parts of it, I try to work towards the good parts of it. I design and write things every week. I have a blog and different shops online that require a lot of time and don’t even make enough money right now.
Am I exhausted sometimes? Absolutely. Does it make me stop? No, but most of the people with a poor mindset get one negative response and stop.

I’ll give you one piece of advice: If you never try, you´ll never know. Ask people if you can work for them, ask people if they need help. If you wanna make money, you need to give. And I don’t think you should burn yourself out. You should test the waters in niches you are interested in and the ones that work the best should be what you invest some free time in. Even if you are a working mother you have some time on the phone sometimes that you can use effectively.

People stop reaching for the stars so early on in life and this is what creates this mindset of being poor forever. You should always strive for better work, better quality & more wealth. Some millionaires have luck or they are born rich. Some millionaires just never stopped reaching for the stars. They learned marketing and other skills and never stopped learning. I don’t wanna hear a “I can’t do what xy did.” anymore. Everyone can do anything. For some it might be a harder and longer path and for some it is easier, but stop saying you can´t. You get yourself stuck in the same place and not moving forward in life creates negativity.

Create connections to people, manage your time effectively, find things that don’t take too much time and still can make a side income if you invest 5-6h a week in them. Online Marketing & Freelancing exists and depending on the country you live in, you don’t even pay taxes to a certain extend. Learn as much as you can with the free resources you can find, go out there and connect online or offline with people and work.

A lot of poor people work 3 part-time jobs that pay equally bad. Because some of them aren’t reaching for the big jobs with a cover letter that impresses a boss. Don´t stay in your lane, branch out, you are worth more than you get paid. Hard work in the right places is what changes the world. Work smarter, not harder.

If you need more motivation check out my freebie library for motivational printables or check out my “Business“-Category on this blog to learn more about building a business. Let’s break the poor mindset.

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The poor mindset and how it hurts us

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