Things that help with back pain

February 2, 2019Rabea
Things that help with back pain main th

Back pain is one of the biggest problems of the western world. Probably even the whole world. There are so many ways to fix your problems with your own body and these are the things that help with back pain.

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When in doubt, stretch it out! Most of the time back pain comes from muscles being tense from sitting wrong, being stressed or not working out enough. Yoga is a good habit to get into in my opinion and can be optimized based on where you feel tense from day to day. I personally still need to work on the habit part of it but try to do at least some basic stretches for my problem areas every single day.

Sit the right way

This is super hard nowadays since we are always looking down on phones, laptops or paperwork. If you work a lot on a desk you should sit on the right height to the desk. But even more important: Put your computer screen higher up! I, for example, look down on my screen since I didn’t check for the ability to hang it up when I bought it and now I really need to remind myself to sit up straight…already corrected myself twice since I started writing this post. I found a pretty detailed post going in depth on how to sit right on a computer. Check it out!

train your back & abs to stabilize your back

This is a problem for a lot of people. You don’t have enough muscles stabilizing your back. If you want it or not: Working out is helping you to reduce back pain. It’s a hard habit to get into but doing exercises for your abs and shoulders is super important when you struggle with your back. I need to push myself a lot to do it but maybe you have a bit of money left to get a gym membership and have a trainer or at least a gym buddy that motivates you to build some muscles. Losing body fat and looking really good in pictures also is a nice side effect.

get massages from time to time

This might not be possible for everyone but getting massages is really helpful. Sometimes a part of your body is just so tense that not even stretching can get rid of it. Massages are super helpful for this when done by a professional. This can be very pricey and might not be available to everybody but you can try massage balls and rolls like the Blackroll. I personally use a Blackroll every time I notice a particular part of my back hurting and right after workouts.

Sleep the right way

This also is a big thing you need to check! A third of your day is spent sleeping in your bed. Having a mattress that fits for you can be super hard since it shouldn’t be too hard or too soft. I personally can recommend the mattresses from nectar*! As a person that’s allergic to a lot of things I can appreciate the benefits of a mattress like theirs being made for people like me. But not only your mattress is important, you also probably have your head too high on a pillow. There are pillows supporting your neck and overall sleep position. As a back sleeper you should also have a pillows under your knees and as a side sleeper between them to relax your lower back.

If you have enough muscles stabilizing your back, sit the right way and still have problems with back pain you should obviously talk to a professional about this problem. With certain medical problems you might be making your pain worse through working out.

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