How to use mindfulness for your mental health

September 12, 2018Rabea

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Mindfulness is something a lot of people started talking about a LOT in the last months. Especially in the mental health community online you come across this topic a lot and it’s actually great. That’s why I wanted to show you how to use mindfulness for your mental health.


the right breathing

We tend to breathe in a really stressed way and don´t take deep breaths through our stomach. A part of mindfulness is teaching yourself back into breathing deeper and more controlled which will automatically start happening in your daily life if you train yourself long enough. It is also great to set yourself some trigger that makes you think about breathing and take 3 deep breaths every time you see it.


connect with nature

We constantly sit at home or work and look into screens. We all know that it isn’t healthy to constantly do that but we also don’t change it. Especially for your mental health it works wonders to put away social media for a bit and just take a long walk. Interacting with nature, observing the little things around you can calm you down a lot. I suggest to plan at least two days per month to just be outside the whole day. Especially if you have a lot of stress or mental issues.


eat mindfully

I always watch youtube videos while I eat and this point is the one I need to work on the most…even with me hating my own eating sounds. If you concentrate on how your food tastes and feels you put your mind onto something else. This helps you with stress and you also feel when your body is filled with the right amount of food since you eat slower and give your body the time to send this signal. Eating the right amount is so much more important than to eat everything. You can always freeze leftovers but you only have one body to care for. This is also a good tip if you want to cut down your calorie intake if you tend to overeat.



Thoughts are a part of mindfulness too and we all have a lot of them. I personally write down my stress every time it gets too much. I try to make it into a habit again too since you get thrown off the routine a lot if you have good phases in your life. Writing down your thoughts and emotions and reading through them again can help you with finding yourself and makes you find better solutions for your problems. Through journaling I learned so many techniques for my anxiety since I didn’t go to therapy in a few months. Make it a daily routine, you will not regret it.


meditation / bodyscan

This is the obvious activity and that’s why I wanted to put it last. Meditation is good for everyone in every situation. It’s not just a monk thing, it´s good for every person. Meditating 25 minutes for a few months even has health benefits. It lowers your stress hormones and lets you sleep better just to name two of them. One type of meditation a lot of people should try is body scan meditation. You scan your whole body and release tension and recognize how it feels in general. It’s great if you feel a bit disconnected to your body.

This is how to use mindfulness for your mental health and relaxation in general. There are even more things you can do but these are the ones I personally started with and can 100% recommend. If you need some motivational quotes to hang up to follow through with these habits you should check out my freebie library for my newsletter squad. I have quote printable packs in there and you can sign up for free to get access to them here:


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How to use mindfulness for your mental health

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