The ultimate self care gift guide

December 4, 2019Rabea

Self care is something we all need to practice and improve on. So no matter if you are obsessed with self care or want to get other people into it, I created the ultimate self care gift guide. These gifts are mostly affordable ones that you can gift to anyone.

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Amazon Audible

I already mentioned this in my gift guide for personal development lovers, but it’s simply a great service. Reading or listening to audiobooks definitely is an act of self care. You either learn something new in a self help book or you relax by being in a completely different world. They also have exclusive podcasts and I LOVE podcasts for relaxing or while I do my work. You can get a free trial HERE.

Diffuser & essential oils

There is nothing more relaxing than a room smelling like lavender in the evening before going to sleep. Or the smell of flowers when you’re finished cleaning. The easiest way to achieve that is a diffuser. There are many very stylish ones but you should really check out THIS one and THIS one in my opinion. Of course you’ll need essential oils for the diffuser and while I use THIS pack (and like it) I’d suggest buying the “Herbs & Essential Oil” Bundle from Ultimate Bundles to learn all about essential oils, the blends you can create with them and which ones are the best. There also is an entire section with products talking about natural remedies. Check out what else is in the bundle HERE.

Skin Care

If there is one thing we all should invest more in when it come to our appearance, it’s skin care. Buy more natural products and don’t mix and match too many different brands unless you understand the ingredients you put on your face very well. I personally love Lush products the mix their products with ones from The Body Shop. My entire skin care routine consists of tea tree oil products. Maybe it helps you too if you stay in a theme, so you don’t buy too much.


This is an investment to make, but it is a good one and I suggest you check out nectar mattresses. They let you try mattresses for an entire year and give you a life long warranty. Not only that but they are also way cheaper than most other brands and definitely cheaper than going into a mattress store in person. If you want to have a complete bed makeover you can even buy bed frames, sheets and blankets from them. And if you don’t want a mattress you could just try one of their weighted blankets. Check out their page HERE.

Refillable water bottle

This is a life saver, not only for yourself but also for the planet. If you still drink out of plastic bottles…I’m judging you. It literally is so easy to buy a self-filtering bottle. Of course, these might not be the best if you live somewhere that has absolutely awful water, but most places in the western world are fine (I’m staring at you US, you have some problems that are just sad at this point. Donate to organizations helping Flint, Mich.). I personally use THIS hard plastic bottle from Brita and change the filters every 6-8 weeks and it honestly made me drink more water overall.

A self-care guide

What better thing to buy yourself or another self care lover than a book going more in-depth about self care? I wrote an eBook about all things self care called “MIND, BODY & SOUL” and it goes into what you can do for each of those three categories of self care. It’s a perfect refresher for the upcoming year and probably gives you one or the other new idea on what to implement into your self care routine. Even I didn’t think of some of these until I did my research for the eBook. You can check it out and buy it HERE.

Unsure about the eBook? There is a free chapter on “What’s good for your mind?” in the freebie library that you can access as a member of my newsletter squad. Sign up for free here:

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self care gift guide

The ultimate self care gift guide by Rabea

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