Self care ideas for your body

October 24, 2020Rabea

Self care is almost always put into three categories: Mind, Body & Soul. I actually have a whole eBook named like that because it is such a good way to understand self care better and remind yourself of it. Today I wanted to talk about self care ideas for your body, since that can be neglected a lot if you love all the mind and soul self care tasks like me.

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Taking 10 minutes in the morning or evening to stretch and get rid of any little aches in your body makes a world of a difference. Who doesn’t want to have a pain free neck during the day? If you sit a lot during the day look up stretching routines for your spine. If you stand a lot you might want to combine those stretches with a Blackroll routine to roll out the soreness at the end of the day.


You knew this was coming! Working out for 10-30 minutes might be annoying before and during a session, but with working out the goal is truly more important than the journey. Think about that relaxed feeling you have for the rest of the day whenever you worked out. That’s what you want! And don’t forget about the fact it gives you better sleep and prevents a ton of health issues from developing. 


Your skin needs food too. Putting on lotion isn’t seen as self care enough. Touch can be incredibly calming and smell is a major element in relaxation and overall mood. So get that lotion and put it on your legs and arms. And don’t forget your skincare routine for your face! That’s also a form of self care.


This might be a thing you rarely get, but sometimes self care activities are a little luxury. Try to get a massage at least once a quarter, or once a month if you can budget it in. The body and mind are connected and you truly understand that once all the muscles in your body suddenly aren’t tensed or aching anymore. I call it the cloud feeling because there is no heaviness in your muscles holding you down.


Do your nails or get your nails done by someone else. I love taking care of my nails every two weeks. It’s a task to concentrate on and it helps you relax. Doing a full manicure with oils and all is like a craft. As we know, our crafts are good for our soul, because they fulfill us. But since this post is about self care ideas for your body this activity is more about the act of feeling put together.


Speaking of put together. If you didn’t get your hair done in a while that would be an excellent self care idea. I’m writing this as my hair is several inches longer than I prefer it and this act of self care is definitely one of my next ones. This also falls under the category of feeling put together, changing the way you move and feel about yourself by caring for yourself.


Health care is essential self care. Get your eyes checked, get your teeth checked, get your blood checked and make appointments with doctors you should be going to with the problems you have. Self care isn’t always perfect and insta-worthy. Sometimes it’s the base level of staying healthy and preventing health issues.

In case you need a challenge to hold yourself accountable, I wrote an entire 30 day self care challenge with an eBook. You can get that free resources delivered to your inbox by signing up for my little newsletter squad down below. Members of my newsletter also get access to several other freebies all about self care, personal development and creativity:

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Self care ideas for your body

Self care ideas for your body by Rabea

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