Life Admin tasks you should do

September 12, 2020Rabea

Life Admin. A subject coming up more and more in the personal development and productivity space the recent months and years. But what life admin tasks should you do on a life admin day or weekend? Here are my personal essentials.

Life Admin tasks you should do

Inbox Zero

I don’t know about you, but my inbox can be a mess. Doesn’t matter how frequently I unsubscribe from newsletters. There is always something new you get contacted about, sometimes it’s simply things you don’t care about from sources you’re usually interested about or pitches that are written in the most boring way possible, not worth answering at all. Go through all of your inbox and delete, sort and answer emails. Getting to an empty or almost empty inbox is the goal and truly a satisfying sight to see.

Short tidy up

Putting everything back into its place and dusting off surface doesn’t only clean your space, it cleans your mind. I don’t know about you, but I can’t really relax or concentrate well when the space around me isn’t orderly. Maybe add some extra tasks like washing the next load of laundry and sorting your electronics drawer. There is always a small thing to do that you won’t notice how much it bothered you until you did it.


Now you made space for new things and you should start with writing down every single task and reminder that comes to your mind. Is there anything in the upcoming week, month, quarter or year? Is there anything in your home that you should fix or get rid of? Any memories and adventures to make soon? Any adulting tasks that need to be done (finances, insurances, check-ups, etc.). Write them down and then sort them after area and urgency. The more current tasks can be prioritized with the Eisenhower Matrix.

Make appointments

Batch calls to make appointments on your life admin days. You need to get your care checked. Call. You need to make appointments for the dentist, cardiologist, endocrinologist or a blood check? Call. You need to get your hair cut again? Call. You want to plan meetups with friends ahead of time? Call and note it in your calendar. Doing that once every few months will free up so much of your headspace.

Weekly Review

You know I love myself a weekly review. Looking back at your last week and planning the next always gives me clarity, reduces my stress and makes me feel like I can tackle all the goals I set myself. I don’t always to a weekly review, but I definitely notice during the week when I did one on the Sunday before. I follow a rough list of questions for my weekly review that I put into a downloadable and printable cheat sheet for you HERE in case you wanna get some motivation for the next week

I actually wrote a little eBook all about Life Admin Days and Life Admin tasks you should do. You can get it to your inbox for free to learn a bit more about life admin days. And you’ll get access to all my other freebies all about productivity, personal development and self care. Join the Squad here:

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Life Admin tasks you should do

Life Admin tasks you should do by Rabea

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