Habits to stop to be successful

April 18, 2020Rabea

Habits truly make or break a person. They also make or break success, well, breaking it more often than not. We tend to limit ourselves with bad habits we don’t even notice. Here are habits to stop to be successful.

Habits to stop to be successful th

Talking yourself down

This can happen actively or in the back of your mind. We often tend to thing that we won’t do this as well as we think or that we maybe aren’t qualified enough to do something. Maybe it is even a thing outside of career for you, that will also reflect in career. If your confidence is low it will not only affect your personal life. If you wanna write a book and publish it you need the will and confidence to push through and do it. Talking yourself down keeps you from leaving your comfort zone and experiencing great things you probably dream about doing.

Not sleeping enough

This should be a given, but for some reason a ton of people get this advice and don’t change anything. I truly can’t grasp how people don’t have 8 hours of sleep as their top health priority. Darling, your body needs sleep now, not when you are getting sick from exhaustion because you kept telling yourself that it “isn’t that bad.” I can’t believe, I, a 21-year-old is telling this to people that are both younger and older than me. Please, get enough sleep and don’t make this a second thought. You’ll realize way too late what awful things it does to you to not sleep enough.

Not taking time to care for yourself

Yes, I’m talking about the beautiful thing called work-life balance. Relaxing as much as you’re working. Sure, there are people out there working two jobs, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take care of your mind, body and soul in between. If you aren’t doing well now, you will never do better. Get that damn face mask and write down those feelings in your journal. There are so many acts of self care that you can do to balance out all the work you do throughout the day. Meditation, journaling, reading, working out, singing, good skincare, drawing. We all have time for a little bit of that to keep us sane. That should be top priority in your health right after enough sleep. Stress can eat away at your body so easily, please don’t put it off for later.

Surrounding yourself with people that don‘t support you

We all do it. It’s human nature to attract people that you’ll outgrow and sadly also human nature to attract people into our lives that are not good for us. If you have people around you that don’t support you, please throw them out of your life and headspace. In case it is someone in your family just limit the time you spend with them. If you are a minor that might be impossible in some cases, but with anyone that’s adult: Do your sanity a favor and kick people out of your life that don’t bring you joy. Nobody needs a disinterested or even negative reaction when they talk about the things that excite them, that make them who they are.

Comparing yourself to others

This one ties in with not talking yourself down. That often happens either because we have deeply rooted problems from childhood (been there, done that) or because we surround ourselves with too many role models without the permanent ability to thing rational about it. Your journey in anything will always be different to someone else’s and while you can train your brain to tell that to you whenever you doubt yourself, that doubt will still come regularly. Reduce unneeded triggers for that thought pattern. For example an endless stream of people on your social media timeline that you idolize without thinking deeper. Don’t hurt yourself like that.

Mindless scrolling on social media

Which brings us to this. Do a social media detox and you’ll notice how much you don’t need this stuff. I deleted all my socials except for Pinterest and Youtube from my phone last summer and since then I have barely opened my apps. Sure, once or twice a day for a few minutes, but otherwise I keep my social media apps on “paused” (you can do that on some Android phones). Not being fed the permanent news stream, twitter gossip and people that seemingly do better than you will definitely improve your every day life. There is enough of the gossipy stuff in daily life anyway, cause people often don’t seem to implement the rules they want others to implement.

On that note: Not gossiping and judging people should be on this list too. Although not judging can be hard. Best example is me judging people that don’t sleep enough further up in this post.

Not investing in yourself

This is not the same as self care. If you can you should always invest time and money back into your own growth, your career growth and just growth in general. Spend time and money on education like eBooks and courses. Go to a yoga class, make friends at a concert, just spend some money while you work on your laptop in a café.
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Habits to stop to be successful

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