How to simplify your life

August 24, 2019Rabea

There is a wave of simplifying going on online and you might be a bit lost about how to simplify your life. Don’t worry, I created a whole blog post just for you that helps you through the steps of how to simplify your life.

How to simplify your life main th

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Konmari your life if you didn’t already

You should start the journey of simplifying your life by sorting out all the things in your home that don’t bring you joy or have a set purpose. I’d suggest the Konmari way of decluttering. There is a whole book that explains how it works and tons of Youtube videos that go into variations and tips. The start is hard but it gets easier with every step in the method. I followed the book 3 years ago and am still clutter free. Everything has a purpose and a place in my home.

Digitize as much as your paperwork as possible

Digitize as much of your paperwork as you can to save space and free up your space of visual elements holding paperwork. Also find out which parts of your paperwork can exclusively happen in digital form. Some banks and tons of other important paperwork related companies have options to just be interchanged online so you can save money. The papers that you need in physical form fit into one folder, maybe two. Of course there might be more if you own a house, a business or anything else that comes with a lot of physical paperwork that you need to store.

Create a better organized system for your computer files

This will take a long time to get set up if you’ve been using your computer for a while. Sort your whole system into a system that works for you and also get used to actually giving you files names unless they are inspo (then make a folder for inspo that you save everything into). You will need to sort stuff every few months but once you have a system it will be much easier to find things and keep organized. Also backup your important files on a hard drive. Super important thing to do! And don’t forget to empty your download folder regularly.

Create a time management system that works for you

You need some type of time management. Of course, you won’t always be strictly following it but it’s super important to have a guideline to go after. I use Google Calendar to block my time everyday for my most important tasks. Those tasks are sorted in urgency in my Wunderlist app and I mostly work in 30-90 minute time blocks but tend to use the Pomodoro method too if I’m super stressed. As you can see, endless possibilities you can try out to see what makes you the most effective.

Get into mindful practices

This is the game changer. It doesn’t matter how productive you are, you’ll burn yourself out if you don’t care for your mind and soul. Meditation might sound weird to you but it solves tons of problems and studies are showing that. You should also get into breathing techniques, start to eat mindfully and write down your thoughts regularly to have them out of your brain. All these things sounds so small or maybe even dumb to you but they actually work for most people.

Research into things that are good for you

Researching about what is good for you is something we don’t do enough. You should look into studies about meditation, learn how easy fitness actually works and that magazines just make it way more complicated than it is. Maybe look into Yoga and how it could help you when you sit a lot in daily life. If you’re too lazy to start with these things I can help you. I wrote an eBook that gets into all things self care. From mind, to body, to soul. There is so much in this book you can start with to balance your life and simplify it further. It’s an easy way to start and you can research deeper from there. Don’t miss out on this easy kickstarter into self care practices. Check it out now.

If you want to get access to a free chapter about things that are good for your mind you can join my newsletter squad for free and download the chapter in my freebie library.

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How to simplify your life

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