How to stick to your five year plan

May 29, 2021Rabea

Five year plans are still talked about a lot. They are an amazing guideline but can also be depressing to look at if half of those five years are already over and almost nothing changed. Here are tips for how to stick to your five year plan.

How to stick to your five year plan th

Plan out an in-depth action plan

Create an action plan for how to reach each goal in the first place. If you only know what you want to do and a couple steps there but you don‘t give yourself the exact steps and a timeframe for certain steps, you might never reach that goal or it‘ll take twice the time. It also helps to refer back to it when you feel overwhelmed with a goal.

Have weekly or monthly check-ins

The key to get anything done consistently is checking up on your own progress consistently. Depending on how disciplined you are this can be monthly, every other week or every weekend. I would recommend starting the routine of having a weekly review. I wrote an entire post about how I do mine HERE.

Have an accountability method

Different accountability methods work for different people. Maybe you need a group of people holding you accountable, maybe you need a coach for your endeavours or you simply need one friend with similar goals. Maybe you can even hold yourself accountable with your own methods. Figure out what works for you and what has worked for you in the past.

Check if your goals are aligned with you

By aligned I mean you should check if what you plan is in tune with your purpose and happiness. Sometimes we chase after things we think we want and then realize it wasn‘t what we wanted all along. Don‘t get me wrong, that would still be a great learning experience, but you really want to hone in on which goals make you truly happy and make you grow.

Be prepared to fall off

You won’t be at 100% all the time and you should let go of that perfectionistic vision. Check why you fell off and have self compassion while you get back on track. It‘s a natural path of life because it‘s not distraction free. You can‘t control everything around you and even the things you can control in your life can get out of hand every now and then. Have patience with yourself and you‘re halfway there.

These were some of my tips on how to stick to a five year plan. I gotta be honest with you. I usually don‘t stick to them, for me yearly goals and a rough vision for the decade is enough, Consider that too when planning to make a five year plan. It‘s not the right model for everyone.

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How to stick to your five year plan

How to stick to your five year plan by Rabea

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