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March 30, 2019Rabea
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The way we live our lives is streamlined by the habits we have and don’t have. Today I want to give you some tips on how to build habits and there will be a blog post soon that will also help you with habits to start and stop. Let’s get this little habits series started.

Make a list

Of course my first advice would be to make a list, you know me, I like to write down everything to streamline my thoughts and plans better. Write down which habits you want to start, which ones you want to stop and then prioritize. You won’t be able to change more than 2-3 habits at the same time since it’s hard to track and keep yourself in check on that many habits.

Habit stacking

This is a thing I learned about through Youtube and books and it’s super smart. You look for an already existing and regular habit you have and just connect the new one to it in a routine. For example: You put on your clothes every morning and you add to that habit to meditate. Or you take your medications in the morning and after that you do a few little exercises to get your blood going.

Have regular reminders

This is the most important one in my opinion because you can just keep reminding yourself in your thoughts. Habit stacking works but the new habit needs to be worked into a routine. You will forget doing your new habit after the existing one if you don’t make reminders. There are apps for reminding you of this multiple times until you did it. Putting a note somewhere you see it also helps a lot with doing your new habit.

Document 90 days

There are different ideas of how long it takes for something to become a habit but I can definitely say you will fall off of doing it daily at some points. You’ll need to get back on track a few times and documenting your habits for 90 days helps. Writing down what keeps you from doing them is a big helper in adjusting how you create the new habit. Fall off, find out why and keep going.

Time management and fixed times for habits

Having fixed times to do your habits can help a lot if habit stacking isn’t your thing or you want to be really effective and combine it with habit stacking. This will also help a lot with setting yourself reminders. If you want to build a habit that can be timeblocked and you’re a big procrastinator you should try the app Forest to keep yourself off your phone. I personally use it a lot when I write blog posts or go through material for my online school.

This is how to build habits or at least the start of it. There will be more posts on this topic soon. If you want to be updated on this blog, upcoming ebooks and want access to free printables that will help you stay motivated you should become a part of my newsletter squad:

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How to build habits

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