How to live a healthier life this year

June 5, 2021Rabea

Living healthy can be hard, I‘m not going to lie here. Us humans are inconsistent beings, but that doesn‘t mean we can‘t try to be better. Here are a few tips on how to live a healthier life this year.

How to live a healthier life this year th

Learn to eat intuitively

I say that like it‘s the easiest skill to acquire. Eating intuitively is all about listening to your body. What food does it want? Is it just bored or really hungry? Do you need to hydrate? But there is also a level of mindfulness while eating in there. Do you eat too fast? Taste the food? Do you eat too much just because you put a lot on the plate or too little because you don‘t wanna get another portion? 

Find out what makes you drink more water

Listen, I get it, we all struggle with this whole hydration thing. First of all, I‘d tell you to stop drinking soft drinks, make it into a luxury item in your household. But beyond that, you should really find out what helps you drink more water? Is it regular reminders? A specific bottle? Having it right next to you at your desk? What cues help you remind yourself that you‘re thirsty? I personally always have my water with me in this self-filtering bottle from Brita and it weirdly helped. I‘m still not at 2 full liters most days, but I definitely drink more than I did in my teens.

Go for walks

Being healthy doesn‘t have to be tied to working out 5x a week. Sure, you should try to at least get a little bit of working out in if you can, but I think going for walks is totally underrated. Getting fresh air, seeing a little bit of nature or the city, adventuring around a bit and just letting the sun shine on your face can improve your mood immensely. Especially in the winter months it is a lifesaver to just go around the block ever day or every other day. Keeps the winter blues at bay. You see, this is a good habit to have.

Workout in the morning

If you want to work out more, chances are it is ideally done in the morning. There are a few people that are better at working out later in the day, but most of us struggle with just getting it done and kicking your ass right in the morning keeps you from procrastination. Doesn‘t have to be a whole 30 minute workout in the gym. It could simply be 15 minutes of yoga or 10 minutes of HIIT. Find your sport.

Practice mindfulness

I technically mentioned this in the first talking point, but it truly is so important to live a mindful life. We live in a world that tells you productivity is the only thing that matters, but what truly matters at the end of the day is your health. Combat stress with mindfulness practices during the day. I wrote a complete post about implementing practices into your day HERE.

Make an effort to socialize

In a time of the internet this is easier and harder than ever at the same time. Finding people online to befriend is easier than ever and communication is instant. Finding people in your real life around you somehow got harder for a lot of people. Meet up with existing friends regularly, try to join groups locally and ask your friends to introduce them to other friends and go to events around you. Socializing should be at least semi regular for the introverts reading this.

These are just some of the elements of how to live a healthier life. I wrote a blog post similar to this a while back that you can read HERE. In case you need to track these new habits bit by bit, you might want to try having a habit tracker. I have 3 habit tracker designs in my resource library. Let me send you the exclusive access for that to you inbox:

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How to live a healthier life this year

How to live a healthier life this year by Rabea

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