Ways to implement mindfulness daily

May 22, 2021Rabea

Mindfulness is something more and more people realize that they need to stay sane in this decade. It can be a bit difficult to remind yourself to practice it, so I figured I‘d show you ways to implement mindfulness daily.

Ways to implement mindfulness daily th


This one is the most obvious way to practice mindfulness. Ideally you meditate a couple minutes in the morning and a couple minutes in the evening. 20 minutes total are ideal to see some of the results that have been studied regarding meditation. I‘ve written a little post about the benefits of meditation HERE.


There are so many ways to do yoga and it‘s amazing that it combines sport with mindfulness. I personally think doing a few beginners style videos and then freestyling your yoga flows is enough, but if you want complete zoning in on the mindfulness I‘d recommend gentle yoga.

Mindful Eating

Now what the heck is this you probably wonder. Mindful eating is eating with no distractions and concentrating in depth on the taste, the smell and the texture of your food. This is actually harder than you would expect in a world full of distractions and eating with the TV on.

Mindful walking

Mindful walking is following the same concept as mindful eating. You really concentrate on the ground beneath your feet, walk slowly and try to take in your surroundings neutrally. This could be a good idea for a walk home after work. Even just 5 minutes of mindful walking make a difference.

Mindful work breaks

Narrowing down the things you concentrate on in a work break can substantially reduce your stress. What I love doing in little 5 minute breaks is breathing techniques. Usually I just try to concentrate on taking deep breaths several times to give my brain enough oxygen and let go of tension. Since it’s so easy it is also one of my favorite ways to implement mindfulness daily.

Grounding Exercises

These go from looking for things for every sense in your surroundings, over coloring books to massaging your body. Grounding yourself is an essential part of reducing stress during or after work. Reading could also be great for this depending on how neutral the book topic is.

As you can see, you can unwind a lot during and at the end of the day with different mindfulness exercises. If you‘re looking for more ways to implement mindfulness into your day, you should check out my tips on how to implement it into a busy work day HERE.

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Ways to implement mindfulness daily

Ways to implement mindfulness daily by Rabea

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