How to have good work life balance

February 22, 2020Rabea

In my last post I talked about the importance of work life balance when it came to self pressure. Today I’m gonna tell you how to have a good work life balance with a few simple changes you gotta make in your life.

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Time management

You might not want to hear this cause you’ve been hearing it from others before, but time management is crucial to having enough downtime from work. You NEED breaks that are non-negotiable. There are different time management strategies that you can use and mix up depending on how diverse your work is. I did an entire blog post about the strategies I use and recommend HERE. Once I started using Google Calendar on the daily it became my life saver.

Set work hours

This is something that even I need to admit is hard to do if you work from home in some way. If you work in a corporate job you should definitely have less of a problem with just turning off your phone after work (or putting it on “Do not disturb”). If you work from home you have to be a little bit more strict to not mess up your energy. I made the rule of not using my computer past 8pm. I could definitely do better with 6pm, but let’s be honest, I’m the last to judge if you can’t do that. Some of us just work better when it gets dark out.

Self care routine

Sounds cliche but you really should have one to calm yourself from a long day of work. Self care routines can be hard to do regularly, but you should definitely have 2-3 things you do for yourself after work (or throughout the day if you work from home). Meditating, journaling, an extensive skin care routine, painting/drawing, reading or simply taking time to cook a healthy meal. Those are all self care, make a commitment to them and roll with it from now on. Your body needs the relaxation. If you need more insights on self care routines, you should check out the post I wrote on exactly that topic HERE.

Weekly Review

Looking back at your week every weekend and planning ahead what you will be able to fit into the next week is what made me 3x more productive. I’m not joking, it sounds so simple. It also IS simple, but it makes such a big difference. There is a reason why so many yearly planners that come out have this included in them. It just works for most people and also helps a lot with time management. My Google Calendar schedule and my Weekly Review go hand in hand and help me get more done, even if getting more done doesn’t mean getting everything done. Wanna get a cheat sheet for how I do my weekly reviews? Click HERE to get it for free.

Be more mindful

Mindfulness is a topic that’s mentioned more and more in the last few years. And there is a reason for that. With everything getting faster and needing to be more effective and more productive you need more of those little moment throughout your day that reconnect you to yourself. It can be a meditation in the morning, a breathing technique after finishing a task on your computer or simply the act of eating slower and actually tasting what you’re currently eating. I wrote an entire blog post about having a mindful work day HERE.

Read up on what’s good for you

Sure, you have your tired and true ways to get some relaxation and balance into your daily life but there is probably more that you aren’t even considering. Reading up on the topic of self care can be a big eye opener. I’ve been starting this blog to talk about the topic and in just the two years I learned so many more things about it that I put it into an eBook so everyone else can have all that information in one place.
Wanna read a free chapter from the eBook about what’s good for your mind? Click HERE.

These were my tips on how to have a good work life balance. If you need more tips on how to relax and structure your work days you should check out the “self care” category on my blog. There are tons of valuable lessons for everyone in there.

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How to have good work life balance

How to have good work life balance by Rabea

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