The biggest mistakes I made since starting my blog

February 29, 2020Rabea

I’ve had blogs since 2012, when I was a young 13 years old. You would think that I had all the knowledge I needed to give the blog you’re currently on the right start…yeah, about that…
Here are the biggest mistakes I made since starting my blog.

The biggest mistakes I made since starting my blog main

Sales Funnels

God, this is something I heard everywhere and read into a tiny bit when I started, assuming that what I had seen about it was everything there was to be known about it. Wrong. Pretty recently I made it my mission to read into all kinds of blogging topics again and realized that I knew some of it, but the implementation? Almost non existent. I had half a sales funnel going on and almost two years into blogging I had to figure out how to make these things work with the tools I was already using. Let me tell you: Some tools sound good until you learn you can’t do some of the most simple marketing moves with them. For example, open a specific page after someone signs up for your newsletter or a freebie.

Email List Segmentation

Speaking of newsletter. Email List segmentation is a thing that gives me flashbacks of stress. Everyone always yells that you need an email list, but segmenting it so people only get content relevant to them? That’s something I needed to Youtube for FOUR DAYS until I finally had a video explaining it to me. And it turns out that even that isn’t the ideal way to do it. In conclusion: Email marketing is a mess unless you use an expensive provider and/or a virtual assistant that handles it for you. Gosh, while I’m writing this I still have to write one of my favorite sign up form providers how to connect that one little thing in my sign up forms with the forms they use. It’s a MESS, even if I had started it the right way.


SEO Keyword research

See, I’ve always liked the basics of SEO and I’d like to say that I’m pretty okay at it. But the best SEO practice doesn’t do anything if you don’t do your research on what people actually search. Sure, my blog is pretty niche, but there is a difference in what way people search. Do they search in the question format? What words do they add to this topic in the post I’m planning to write? Is there a similar search term that gets searched more often and has less competitors? While it’s still hard for me to find a way to see that “high search, low competition” statistic, it definitely has helped me to see how people search for things.


In other words: Working ahead. I used to work only 3-4 weeks ahead on the blog and that always brought me into a panic state at the end of the month. The quality of blog posts really suffered from that which made me decide to always write as much as I can for the quarter ahead. That’s also what I’m doing right in this moment. Actually, my internet has an error and I write this in my notes app cause I fear Google Docs won’t update what I wrote in my offline time for some reason. The struggles of a blogger, lol.


Now you start to think I made everything wrong with this blog. Well, almost. I started with the knowledge that Pinterest and SEO are the ways to bring people to your blog. What I didn’t do was checking the analytics on that side of things regularly enough (and I still tend to forget). I also didn’t look into things beyond that to promote blog posts. I’m not really a Facebook user, but I definitely am learning new ways to use social media and other platforms to drive more traffic while I work on pushing my Pinterest game even more. One step at a time. I’m not an Octopus with tons of arms with their own little brains in them (no, actually, look it up, they have little brains in their tentacles, it’s super cool and super weird).

You’re just starting out? Here are my recommendations.

Those were the biggest mistakes I made since starting my blog. You’re just starting out with blogging or simply search for new ways to further your business? I have a few recommendations for you:
Bluehost – my hosting service for the last 3 years, I’m super happy with it!
Grammarly – this tool makes sure my grammar is right in all my social media posts.
Tailwind – Tired of manually pinning every day? This tool helps you get your pins in front of a bigger audience and I’ve been using it for a year now.
ConvertKit – Want to start an email list to generate more sales or just to keep your readers updated? This is a great service to use.
Blogging Bossbabe – a course I made for all the people wanting to start a blog and make it successful. Everything you need to know in one place and affordable if you want to save some $$$.
Blogger Starter Pack – a completely free email course that helps you with the basic beginnings of starting a professional blog. Sign up for it down below and get started now:

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The biggest mistakes I made since starting my blog

The biggest mistakes I made since starting my blog by Rabea

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