Ways to reduce self pressure

February 15, 2020Rabea

Pressure is never a nice thing to feel, especially when it comes from yourself. We live in a society where self worth is measured by how productive you are and there are some ways to fix this a little. Here are some ways to deal with self pressure.

Only 1-2 most important things per day

There are tons of business owners and managers out there that have said that they only manage to get 2-3 important things done per day if they want to make them right. Quality over quantity is the key if you don’t want to run straight into the arms of a burnout. Keep track of how much time you need for your most common tasks and keep that in mind whenever you have one of them planned into your workday.

Write down your reasons why you do what you do

Pressure can also come from questioning yourself consistently. One of the ways to reduce self pressure is to write down a list of reasons why you do what you do. It doesn’t just have to be about work, it can also be about your hobbies, family, friends and anything else that comes to your mind. I have my “Why”-list in my digital journal where I can easily refer back to it.

Journal it out

If your “Why” isn’t the problem here, then it might be something bothering you that you don’t even notice. Sometimes we have emotions stored in us that we don’t even realize are there. Take a notebook or a document on your computer and write down anything that comes to your mind. It doesn’t even have to be super coherent as long as you get it out. Who knows, maybe you find out that something someone said is still in the back of your mind after you wrote two pages of thoughts. Either way, it will definitely feel refreshing to get everything out.

Break down your goals and set a more realistic time frame

Deadlines, some of us run on them and others fall into a spiral of self pressure because of them. If you’re in the the second group you should be checking your goals and reevaluate how you set them. Break them down into even smaller action steps, set a new time frame that is more realistic for you. Take as much pressure off of yourself and you might even get it done faster because you’re more relaxed about it after reviewing the goal.

Self care activity for every work activity

This is so crucial if you are a workaholic or just tend to work a LOT. You need balance in your life. I know, I also feel guilty when I’m not productive, that’s a problem of our generation, but please set self care activities as a non-negotiable task into your calendar. After a certain time you’re not available for more work and do a self care routine. Or you just reward yourself with a self care task after every work task. Whatever works for you, as long as you implement relaxation into your day.

Keep a mantra…

…that takes some of the pressure away. You’re not a machine that can do everything always. This is something I learned because of my anxiety disorder (which tends to stress you out quite a bit). You need some words of affirmation that keep you from blaming yourself for not working more. Darling, you’re human and nobody can do everything. I also have a big creative mind with thousand ideas for what to do, but sometimes you need to give yourself time and let go of the perfection. My mantra often is a simple “Done is better than perfect.”

These were some ways to reduce self pressure. Do you have another one that I might’ve missed on this list? Let me know in the comments below.

You need to work on the self care part of this list? I gotchu! I have a mini eBook in my freebie library that is all about what’s good for your mind. Perfect for someone that is constantly spiraling in the emotion of self pressure. You can get it HERE or by signing up for my newsletter down below.

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Ways to reduce self pressure

Ways to reduce self pressure by Rabea

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  • Debra

    February 19, 2020 at 6:28 am


    Thank you for the article. I work with kids and I have this one kid who puts tremendous pressure on himself to be perfect, so I’m gonna try to “child-test” some applications of your advice! I love the mantra idea!

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