How to create a self-care box

March 13, 2019Rabea
How to create a self-care box main

Making your self-care a routine thing can be harder than it looks and it can help a lot to have all the things for it in one place and always accessible. This is how to create a self-care box:

Make a list with your favorite self-care activities

You will have some self-care activities you do more frequent than others and you should write down all of those. There is no effectivity in writing down things that you wanna do but never end up fulfilling. In my case this list would have drawing, writing fiction, light skin care, netflix evenings, journaling and going little walks. For you it could be reading, dancing, singing, writing with friends and a lot of other things. We all have different lives that we need to balance out.

Find a box & a good visible place to put it

Find a box to put all the things connected to your self-care activities, not too big, not too small. Decorate it however you want and put it in a good place where you actually see it and remember to open it and use the things in it. I personally prefer it somewhere near my bed but on your desk or near a couch could also work for you. My biggest mistake was putting mine into a drawer that I already barely opened.

Have an organization concept inside the box

Have a little bit of concept in your little box because if you put your journal at the bottom and face masks on top and you try to journal daily it’s gonna look messed up really quick. Make it as easy to use and effective for you as you can because reorganizing it every time you use it isn’t fun at all unless you’re like me and love organizing an unhealthy amount. Also remember to sort out the box every now and then if you didn’t touch something in it for weeks and weeks.

train yourself to actually use it

Training your brain to think about using the box as soon as you feel bad. This can take weeks to months based on your daily stress levels and how quick you feel like a pile of trash. It’s like training yourself self-help…it’s pretty much exactly the same since self-care is supposed to balance your emotions out back to normal. If you’re fighting with mental health problems and didn’t already start to train yourself to do that you definitely should do it with a self-care box. That’s a great way to get better and I personally helped my own recovery from anxiety with it.

Add a journal if you didn’t already

It’s super important to write down your journey and reflect on yourself and your feelings over time and that’s why a journal should be a central part of everybody’s self-care routine. It helps you get better at this whole self-care thing and with your stress management. You don’t need to use it daily but writing in it weekly will already make a big difference.

This is how to create a self-care box. I made a video 2 years ago where I showed what’s in my old self-care box HERE.

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How to create a self-care box

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