6 ways to invest in yourself

March 16, 2019Rabea
6 ways to invest in yourself main

We all don’t invest enough in ourselves although we really should. In a world as fast and stressful as ours there should be little treats here and there for making it through that daily. Here are 6 ways to invest in yourself:

self-care Apps

There are a lot of apps that will help you with stress management and self-care that you can invest in. My personal favorite is Headspace. It’s an app full of meditations for every imaginable situation. Meditation lowers your overall stress and helps you sleep better. And it has a lot of physical benefits too. There are other little apps that help you with doing something new every day and a lot of great workout apps


This is a thing that makes me personally super happy and that happiness holds up for a long time since I wanna extensively try out the new pens, markers and notebooks I get for myself. If you are a person that’s into stationery and you work on the desk a lot this will brighten your mood even while you work. It’s a little at-work self-care. My personal favorites are the Pitt Artist Pens.

Small Beauty products

There are little things we should all have at hand and use more. Buying yourself chapsticks, face masks or new nail polish counts as self-care too if you actually use it frequently. Doing my nails definitely feels more relaxing than planning blog posts for a whole quarter. I can definitely tell you that. Also: Who can say no to face masks?


Watching series and movies in the evening can be self-care but only if you can control yourself. I personally am a person that can’t watch things longer than two and a half hours and that helps with not stressing my body out by watching too much. So if you are a person that doesn’t tend to binge-watch too long and miss sleep you can consider a little Netflix in the evenings self-care too.

ebooks & e-courses

This is a big thing everyone should invest in as soon as they are not in any form of school anymore. You need to keep educating yourself and ebooks and e-courses help with that a lot. I personally have a whole e-course on starting a successful blog HERE and am currently writing a self-care ebook for beginners (get updated on it through my newsletter!). There are also free online courses from big american colleges like Harvard and MIT that you can find online and participate in

Spa Activities

Paying for a manicure, a facial or massages from time to time is definitely a good investment and if you have that money left or even planned in your financials you should go for it. This is so important to do from time to time and makes a big difference in your productivity and motivation. Maybe even sign up for a yoga class or a dance class if you can. Relaxation is Motivation.

These are 6 ways to invest in yourself and if you want more self-care content you can check out the self-care category on my blog or sign up for my newsletter to get access to my freebie library. A free chapter about “What’s good for your mind?” is there too.

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6 ways to invest in yourself

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