My top recommendations for new bloggers

March 9, 2019Rabea
My top recommendations for new bloggers main

Starting a blog and making it look professional can be a bit hard for new bloggers. Thankfully Creative Market has a wide variety of digital products that help you with making a blog look good. Here are my top recommendations for new bloggers!

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Rose Gold Branding Kit

This minimal rose gold Branding Kit would be something I’d invest in if I would be a new blogger. It has all the little graphics in it that you will need on your new blog and gives you a color scheme that you can outline the rest of your blog to. My favorites in this kit are the brush buttons and the borders that can be used to create more cohesiveness in blog posts. There are more rose gold themed recommendations in this post so this would be a great beginning

Avondale Design

Avondale is a very beautiful modern and feminine blog design. It’s great for every blog that is revolving a lot around photography like travel, fashion and beauty blogs. It has an incorporated space to showcase products to your readers which is a great way to make more affiliate income. Even the archive page is customized and looks beautiful. Product heavy blogs of every kind will work great with this design. If that sounds like the blog you are planning: Definitely check out the live demo on Creative Market

Travel Journal Design

This is a beautiful design that is for more than just travel bloggers. The sections of the start page are very unique. First the reader can see an overview over the latest posts and send you greetings from where they are from (you can change it to just make them sign up for your newsletter). After that the theme shows them the different topics of the blog, more about the author and more. Even the posts with the minimal sidebar are beautiful and have enough space to lead the reader to more of your content. It’s a very well thought out blog design that can definitely help you keep readers on your blog. The live demo on Creative Market will blow your mind

Travel Journal Design

Lush Design

This design is very light and minimal too and I’ve been eyeing it for quite a while now. It showcases your three most important or most recent posts first and then shows your blog posts in chronological order with a little preview and a minimal sidebar. Even the footer of this blog is beautiful with the clean columns that showcase pages, social media & categories. I personally LOVE blog designs that have a nice search bar and this one has one. All full blog posts have easy share buttons at the end to make it easier for your readers to share your content. Do you plan on selling digital or physical products or simply link to affiliated products in a shop overview? You can do that too with this design and it looks awesome

Minimal Social Media Template

You probably see the cohesive social media posts of a lot of brands and want yours to look equally as professional. This pack is full of minimal social media post templates for every social media. A lot of the Social Media Template packs on Creative Market are just for one or two social media pages but this one is formatted for all of them and makes it super convenient to use. My favorite thing about this pack are the Instagram Story templates. They look beautiful and are great to promote your blog posts as soon as they come out

Rose Gold Social Media Template

Back at it again with the rose gold but you also need rose gold social media posts if the rest of your brand is rose gold. This pack has formats for the most important social media too. My favorite thing about this pack are the cute interchangeable rose gold background patterns. The Instagram templates will fit perfectly between other pictures of you and the Pinterest templates are eye-catching and beautiful. If you ask me you should buy this and the branding kit from above and you are good to go

Elegant Logo pack

While we are talking about Branding: You need a Logo and what is better than a logo pack full of logos to choose from? This one is full of elegant, minimal and feminine logos for blogs and shops. There are so many beautiful ones to choose from that it is even hard for me to look at. These also fit in perfectly with the rose gold theme we keep coming back to in this blog post. There are also other color options that you can change to though. I personally used one of these to help a friend of mine with their branding

Minimal Logo pack

Another pack with 200 logo options. You will have logos for days with this pack and there is something for every blog niche and product idea you might have. I personally love the ones with a little splash of color. They would be perfect for your branded content on social media or to put on products to be recognized easier. $15 for 200 logos in the extended license are an insanely nice deal if you ask me. You’ll probably never need to pay for a logo again after this

Hand Drawn Logo pack

You thought 200 logos were insane? I will do you one better: 300 premade logos! These are a mostly hand drawn but there are also a lot of more modern ones that look very chic. A lot of them are very detailed and probably better for product design than actual blog branding but there are still enough logos in there that you could totally use for a blog in certain niches. Just check out the logos and look if they are something that your blog would need

These are my top recommendations for new bloggers that want to invest a little bit of money in making their blog look professional. Especially with the little branding things I wanted you to get as much as possible for the money you spend. Thankfully this is a thing Creative Market sellers try to do in general

*If you want to support me and my blog you can buy through my affiliate links. This will change nothing about the price and helps me to grow and reinvest into my own brand to give you more content.

If you need some help with starting your first blog I can recommend my free email course “Blogger Starter Pack” for you. It’s 4 emails full of advice, tips and actionsteps. Sign up for free here:

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My top recommendations for new bloggers

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