10 ways to relieve stress

10 ways to relieve stress

December 26, 2018Rabea
10 ways to relieve stress th

Stress is a big topic in our society and I deal with it a lot, just like every other creative person that´s a bit overwhelmed by everything at all times. I personally found the easiest ways to relieve stress and that’s why I´m giving you this list of 10 ways to relieve stress.

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Meditation is still getting as much hype as it deserves. It helps your health in so many different ways and one of the things it does over time is decreasing your stress hormones and increasing your quality of sleep. There are so many different ways to start meditating, but my favorite ways is through apps. You might know Headspace from ads online and you should definitely try it. It’s worth every coin and will help you to balance out your stress in the long run.

Yoga & Blackrolling

Stretching your body releases tension and gives you better control over your body with time. I personally don’t do it enough, but what I do a lot and what I totally will recommend to you is blackrolling. A Blackroll helps you to roll out your muscle soreness or tension and gives you a bit of a massage. I personally use this Blackroll and can recommend you this yoga mat if you don’t already have equipment. And if you need good training videos I recommend Yoga with Adriene.


I already wrote a whole blog post with 7 reasons why you should start a journal. There is just no better feeling than having a brain filled with thoughts, writing them down and having this sense of inner calmness. I personally journal a lot in times with a lot of stress or strong emotions. But you should definitely try to make it a daily habit to write a few lines or pages about your life and thoughts.


Reading is so much better than watching Youtube videos or TV. It makes you calm but also makes you learn something or you are in another world in your head if you read fiction novels. I personally love to read self-help books and wrote about my 5 favorite ones in this blog post (it has free printables with Quotes from the books). The next books on my list are Getting Things Done, The four agreements & The power of now.


Taking time for yourself to care for your skin is very therapeutic. It doesn’t need to be an intense skin care routine, sometimes a face wash and a moisturizer can be better than having 8 steps. I personally love natural products like the ones from Lush, especially because they are mostly vegan, cruelty free and targeted to both feminine and masculine people. Check out their Bubblegum lip scrub while you´re at it.

Draw & Paint

Creating is the most important thing in life for me and just getting paper, brush and watercolor sometimes makes me happy and content. I love to scroll through my Pinterest board with drawing ideas and make something in my own style. if you don’t own a lot of painting supplies I can recommend you Pentel Brush Pens and this Winsor & Newton watercolor set. Best investment I made in the last months.


If you are alone and you don’t dance around sometimes you are not human to me. I grew up with all kinds of music and if I don´t dance around and just stand there I feel lost. Sometimes we just need to dance to let out the stress we are in, it’s one of the best coping mechanisms. I have multiple Spotify playlists just for dancing and pushing myself to work harder every day. At the moment my favorite is my “Feeling Myself” playlist that consists of 50% Beyoncé…what else did you expect?

Organize your room

I was a hoarder kid when I was younger until I realized that I don’t need 200 pens and 100 little toys that I just don’t use. Having everything you frequently use organized and having a place for every item is very calming. Especially if you struggle with anxiety or another mental health issue that is directly connected to stress you should make your surroundings look good and calming. If you didn’t already read it I suggest the book “The life-changing magic of tidying up.” It’s eye opening and helped me to fit all my belongings into my little room.

Take a walk

Walks are honestly underrated. At least if you are under 40 you are probably thinking “I don’t want to go outside, I´m too stressed for that.” But taking a walk in the nature or going to the next café is more relaxing than sitting in your bed and thinking about life. Believe me, I know what I’m talking about. Especially as a work-from-home millenial (I’m born 1999, that’s before 2000, I refuse to be Gen Z) it can be hard to get fresh air frequently, but it’s honestly is the most helpful thing for my anxiety.

Make a smoothie

We all know how well food helps us with stress, but instead if pumping sugar into your body there are healthy options like smoothies. I love banana based smoothies a lot, especially when you put strawberries and blueberries in there. I’m crying inside, because the day I’m writing this I found out that my blender stopped working, so make some extra smoothie for me too!

There were my 10 ways to relieve stress. Do you have any other cool and healthy ways to calm your mind and body? If you need some reminders to be good to yourself you should check out my library with tons of printable Quotes and Reminders that you can hang into your bedroom or kitchen to stay motivated and on track.

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10 ways to relieve stress

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