How you can beat procrastination like a boss

September 9, 2017Rabea


We all know the feeling of “I need to get this done, but my bed is so cozy right now. I’ll do it later.” Stop yourself if you’re thinking that and follow the next steps to beat procrastination like a boss.


Get in a better mood

Turn on a playlist you want to dance to. Practice a bit of self care through eating something healthy or putting on a face mask. Just do things you really like & get yourself out of bed. Being happy helps so much to start with your important tasks.

Make a list

We all love lists. Dump every task that comes to your mind on that paper or into your planner. Don’t get too overwhelmed. You don’t need to do them all today. When everything is down on paper mark the things you want to do today & after that you mark the three most important tasks, that need to happen that day.

Prioritize 3 tasks

Put 1-3 to the three tasks that you need to do as soon as possible. Focus on them. The other ones are still there, when you finished and wanna do them in your productivity rush. But keep in mind to do these 3 first.

Break them down

Those three tasks are the bigger ones. Am I right? Break them down into little tasks. Maybe you need to clean the house. Break down the task into the rooms you have to clean or into “laundry, vacuuming, changing sheets”. You get the concept of it. Breaking the tasks down makes them feel more doable in a short amount of time.

Just do it!

Well, that’s the key to beating procrastination. Don´t think about it: Just do it! It´s hard, but if you learn to not think about it too long it will be so much easier for you to finish important tasks. It´s a learning process to just start. I needed a month to this naturally.


Need help with step one? Here is a video on how to get in a better mood:



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