The 5 most inspiring self-care youtubers

July 28, 2018Rabea

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There are not that many self-care related channels out there and today I wanna show you the 5 most inspiring self-care youtubers since it´s one of my favorite topics.


Aileen Lavendaire

Aileen is one of the most inspiring and down to earth youtubers I know. She never stops learning, always spreads a sense of calmness and created her own product. The Artist of Life Workbook (which you can purchase through my link to support me if you want). I wrote multiple times with her and can 100% tell you that she is the cutest, kindest and most genuine person on youtube in my opinion.



She is badass, has a good sense of humor and I LOVE her color scheme. All of her videos are no-nonsense guides to self development, self care and intentional living. She shares pretty much everything she knows on this channel and her channel about youtube-ing. She’s also a minimalist and has tons of videos about this topic on her channel and she inspired me to sort out my life a second time.



Nika is a beautiful girl from Slovenia that makes English videos about personal development, healthy living and mental health. I really adore her and relate to her a lot. Seeing people make it online that are not from the US or England always inspires me since it’s always a tiny bit harder to reach the people you want to reach with your channel. Also: Check out her Instagram, it’s BEAUTIFUL.


Jusuf faithincuteness

She’s a girl my age from Switzerland. Again, I love people that are not English making English videos. Since she normally speaks German and I do too she’s double inspiring. She talks a lot about mental health, de-stress routines and minimalism. Her vlogs are very down to earth and relatable. If you prefer to watch people that are a bit younger and still in school to relate to them a bit better: She’s the one you need to start watching.

Kalyn Nicholson

Kalyn Nicholson

Kalyn is my secret workout partner. I started working out to her videos over a year ago and now I try to save her videos for my workouts every time. She talks a lot about finding yourself, intuition, spirituality, her dog, pretty much everything a twenty-something girl would be into. I love her vlogs, her tips and her dog. If you have anxiety and need a youtuber that can relate and give tips I highly recommend her videos.

Me / Rayowag

Rabea Rayowag

Who thought I would shamelessly plug myself in the end? I make German videos about self-care and personal development. If you happen to be German or understand German you should definitely check my videos out. If you are English…I got you, I made a playlist of videos that you can understand even without me talking. At the moment I try to find out if I should change my uploads to bring you better quality videos with topics I really wanna talk about…because let’s be honest: Youtube makes you start doing filler videos when you want to be consistent and sometimes you aren´t 100% into the topic at that moment. But yeah…Check it out!

If you need more insight into the topic of self-care you should definitely check out my eBook “Mind, Body & Soul” full of all things self-care. You can get a free chapter and many other self-care freebies in my freebie library that you can access as a newsletter squad member. Join it here:

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The 5 most inspiring self-care youtubers

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