Let’s humanize our journeys again!

January 13, 2021Rabea

I was staring at the ceiling from my bed in the middle of summer last year and I asked myself why I and other people my age desired the life of others so much. We envy people, we live for their version of success and we also believe that once we reached their point of success, we won’t have any problems anymore. With your rational mind you are instantly aware of how untrue these statements are and how toxic that ends up being.

Let’s humanize our journeys again - my story The Self Care Creative

The first thing I ever did about this was not what would’ve made all of it easier. Instead google the hell out of success and fame. I learned a lot about psychological effects of fame and I learned more about what success can be and how you should go soul searching to define it for yourself. Ultimately that is what I did. I sat down and wrote down what success is for me and what happiness is for me. Those two things aren’t inherently connected, even though the world wants you to think that.

After all of this soul searching I knew I wanted to do more. I wanted to learn about other people’s paths, struggles, successes and daily life. I was disappointed in how social media made us dehumanize ourselves towards others to make ourselves seem perfect. There is no community aspect in that. Showing less and less struggles and how we deal with them has done so much to the mental health of my generation. It became the inspiration for a podcast. The Self Care Creative. Let’s humanize our journeys again!

I needed a place to talk about this, reach other people, and have better communication with the community. I needed a place that made me go out and ask people to talk to me about their life and their mental health. A place outside of my comfort zone that was about not being perfect and about admitting struggles. Because if I learned one thing: Sharing pain reduces it. Sharing struggles makes us feel less alone and more human.

I can admit that starting this was and is scary. Not knowing a lot about audio processing, interviewing or contacting people really just made this a field day for my inner critic, but I’m pushing past it. After 2020, the year that destroyed something in all of us, whatever it may be, I wanted to create something that builds up. Because 2020 was not only a year breaking me. It was a year breaking me open, making me see what I need to heal and how to heal it.

What does this journey hold? I don’t know. But I know I will learn a lot of new things from a lot of people and about myself. And I know it will touch other people.

If you’re here from the first episode: Hi! You can click around the website and find all kinds of cool stuff. I really like THIS post I once wrote about getting your life together properly. I also love THIS post about self care for mental health.

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my Story - The self care creative podcast about mental health for creatives

Let’s humanize our journeys again! by Rabea

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