How to organize your life for success

May 13, 2020Rabea

You need an organized life to be successful. At least a system for everything around you would be great to have. You don’t need to be overwhelmed by personal life problems while working on your big goals. Here is how to organize your life for success.

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Organize your physical life

This doesn’t have to mean that you need to do a full-on Konmari style declutter. You can simply create a cleaning schedule to follow every week, to take some stress off of yourself. On top of that, you should make sure that everything in your home has a place. You don’t need random stuff flying around the room when it can all be cleaned up in two seconds. Also, make a habit of making your bed if you don’t do that already. Those three things kind of saved my life after my Konmari declutter. My space almost always looks presentable, cause cleaning takes 20-60 minutes tops.

Organize your digital life

And by that I mean online and offline. Yes, I’m talking to you with your filled download folder! Start building a system for saving and finding things on your computer. Start naming files appropriately and delete stuff you don’t use and pictures you have double. When it comes to online stuff you should sort out who you follow and who to unfollow. Maybe you want to delete some pictures on your Instagram or need to activate 2-factor-authentification for social media apps. Make sure your online experience is not only safe in the technical but also in the mental sense.

Organize your social life

I think we often overlook this part of our life when it comes to organization and decluttering. If you really analyze your environment and your social interactions you can tell which people you want to be around more, which people to slowly distance yourself from and how to improve your connection to your family. Maybe you can improve by helping your parents more often, writing friends that live further away a cute letter and just clearing things up with people before parting ways with them. Nothing wrong with a little social life declutter.

Have a system to stay on track

Systems are so relevant to stay on track with your goals, your environment and your social life. You can start by doing weekly reviews every weekend to look back at your week and plan the next one a little bit better. I have an entire cheat sheet for weekly reviews in my freebie library for email subscribers. You can sign up below or check out my workbook “How to get your life together – and keep it that way” with all the systems and prompts I use to stay on track.

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Organize your life for success

How to organize your life for success by Rabea

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