Habits of successful people

May 27, 2020Rabea

While success is something we all define differently, there are definitely habits that will help you be a more successful person in any definition of the word. Here are the habits of successful people you should know about:

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How can you be successful if you don’t know yourself, what’s going on in your head and how you could improve. Journaling, with or without prompts, can be so vital for your personal growth and your mental health. I journal especially when I’m very stressed or have bad days. Putting things into perspective in written word will not only help your personal life but also in your career. Definitely one of the most important habits of successful people.

Weekly Reviews

How do you grow without checking in with yourself to see what you can optimize and do better the following week? Weekly Reviews are exactly what they sound like. You look at the things you did and didn’t get done the last week. With that knowledge, you can check where the problem was and plan the following week with that in mind. Since I implemented this system myself I’ve seen myself grow so much more. In case you need a Weekly Review cheat sheet click the graphic below or sign up at the end of this post.

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Morning Routines

Routines always sound super boring and cliché, but if you don’t have to think much about something you have more time to think about actually important stuff. There is this funny thing called “decision fatigue” where you just tend to make worse and worse decisions the more decisions you make in a short amount of time. There are tons of decisions you make in a day. What to wear, what to do, who to contact, etc. Cut down on decisions by having a morning routine, preparing your clothes the day before as well as your to-do list.

Easy to clean space

I preach about this a lot on this blog, but for the love of god: Everything in your home should have a place where it can go back to. That way you can have a five minute clean at the end of the day where you simply put things into their space instead of having items pile up in random places. Another tip would be to not place too many things on surfaces to make them easier to clean. Oh, and a color scheme in your room always helps with concentration.

Organized filing system

Organized environment means organized mind. Have a system for papers coming in, put them into a physical inbox, no matter how that may look. In your weekly review process you can have a little part where you sort the papers in that inbox into their respective bigger, more specific folders. For digital systems I would start by having a big digital declutter, starting the habit of naming files appropriately AND figuring out a hierarchy of folders that work for you. My pictures, for example, are sorted by year, month and sometimes by camera.

These are the habits of successful people that I personally find the most helpful, especially at the start of a self improvement journey. In case you want to dive deeper into that journey I have tons of resources in my freebie library. For example my “Weekly Review Cheat Sheet” which you can sign up for down below. Another benefit of being part of the newsletter squad is coupons for products like my workbook “How to get your life together – and keep it that way” which is all about setting you up for success. Sounds fun? Sign up here:

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Habits of successful people

Habits of successful people by Rabea

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